Alice Through The Looking Glass is a world in Disney Crossy Road released for the Alice Through The Looking Glass Update.




The Alice Through The Looking Glass world takes place in Time's Castle. Hourglasses will appear, giving five points for each one collected. Collecting four glasses in one round will slow down all but you and the time sand for a few seconds. Hourglasses sparkle while time is slowed, and the first one collected is worth 50, the second 100, and the point value goes up by 50 for each one collected in a single stretch of slowed time. Cars have been replaced by seconds (characters) and metal wheels.

There is one area were hammers will swing and will knock you off if you get hit by it. There is also the Chronosphere that will take you a couple spaces further if you walk in it.

When the player doesn't move for too long, the sand wave will appear catching up the character and ending the round of gameplay. However, if you take some advance, you can go three spaces back and won't die as you will only die when the sand wave hits you, something unique about this world. This world contains 23 figures at the moment.

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