• PikolaM

    675 figures!

    June 20, 2018 by PikolaM

    A little less than 40 figures to go! I’ll have all 714 figures in no time! I’m hoping to get all the figures before the new update comes out, and I’m hoping to build up my pixels and coins so I can just use coins/pixels to get all the new figures (besides any new daily missions/weekend challenge figures). I’m making good progress, just have to keep collecting my 10 tickets per day, per Diamond figure. Should have enough in 4 or 5 weeks.

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  • PikolaM

    Now at 665 figures, only 49 figures to go before I have all the figures available. The only one I’ll probably be missing is the Hanging Tre. I think I started the game before they retired it, but I didn’t have the figure at that time. So I don’t think it’ll let me have that one. But I’m excited that I’m closer to my goal, about a month more and I’ll have them all!!

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  • PikolaM

    Got more figures!!

    June 1, 2018 by PikolaM

    I’m now at 642 figures out of 714!! I know I still have a ways to go, but I’m excited at the progress I’m making.

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  • PikolaM

    Lots Of Work To Do

    May 29, 2018 by PikolaM

    Trying to help out and fix the pages so they are more accurate and try to recover what was deleted, but it can be a little overwhelming. Still a lot of work to do, there are a bunch of pages that are completely missing and others that have almost no information at all. Sometimes I don't even know where to start.

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  • PikolaM

    First Blog

    May 23, 2018 by PikolaM

    I just joined this wiki (officially) but I've been playing Disney Crossy Road for a long time. I've been using the wiki, but I never offically joined it and I thought that should change. I wanted to join because I want to help contribute to the community and make the wiki more accurate and better for everyone.

    I'm still working on my figures collection, I currently have 631/714. The ones I have left are weekend challenge characters, some of the Diamond characters, a few Daily Mission characters, and a few secret charcters (that I can't currenly get because I don't have the character you need to use to get it). I'm working on getting the rest of them, hopefully I'll have the rest before the new update!

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  • Torsita01

    Hello, and welcome to the third unofficial monthly Marvel Fan-Made Model Contest!

    The Winner of last month's Marvel Fan-Made Model Contest (Theme was: Guardians of the Galaxy) is...

    [1]  Vol. 2 Rocket Racoon by Torsita01 The winner is me?! Wow! Thanks guys! My Fan-Made Model will be featured on the main page of the wiki for the entire month of February!

    Results of the voting:

    Vol. 2 Rocket Raccoon by Torsita01 - 8 votes - 80% of the votes.

    Ego by CHEWBACCA_109 - 2 votes - 20% of the votes.

    Groot by Martianito - 0 votes - 0% of the votes. (Sorry...)

    Okay, onto February's contest!

    The Rules:

    1. To enter the contest, you must make a Model that has to do with the movie specified (Although, you can still make Models from other movies, they just won't be…

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  • EricSonic

    Non-Disney Model Requests

    February 5, 2018 by EricSonic

    Yes, opening requests for them

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  • Wave9Nut


    January 13, 2018 by Wave9Nut
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  • Hilary James Lyall

    I just to keep on trying.

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  • Padsquad2010

    This is the third installment of DCR Diaries. Please see the other two in the navbox before reading, if you haven't already.

    This time, Madame Leota is the speaker.

    I saw in the future, though to the past it has gone
    Ralph and Rapunzel, From somewhere beyond
    They approached, in fear, and possibly shame
    And shortly thereafter, they learned of my name.
    A head on a table, the seance of the square
    To visit proved wise, for all I see there.

    The Crossy Worlds are in peril, as they too now see.
    Already, the signs are unveiled to see.
    For heroics to triumph for eternity,
    The sage of each world must grant them a key.
    Each world has one, and none the least treacherous
    Save for me, upon them I gave quite generous.

    Each sage’s identity is somewhat unclear.
    Though t…

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  • Ice Bear Phantom

    (Major WIP)

    Inspired by the various Crossy Road Spin-Offs around the wiki!




    Hop across the Dragon World with your favorite characters such as Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo, and Frieza! Aim for the highest score!


    Play in areas from the series such as Snake Way, Planet Namek, and the Hyperbolic Time Chamber!


    Collect coins for a chance to unlock a new character or gather the seven Dragon Balls to summon one instantly!


    Custom parts are available to form your own fighter to cross the streets in your own special style!


    Unlock new forms to enhance your Dragon Ball Cros…

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  • Wutupyo

    Ducktales update.

    December 2, 2017 by Wutupyo

    The Ducktales update was in my opinion one of the best updates in DCR history.

    Some of My favorite characters of the update are...

    Scrooge McDuck, Dewey, Flintheart Gloomgold, Huey, Louie, Pixiu Chinese dragon, Ma Beagle.

    Favorites from other worlds are...

    Pumpkin king Jack, Mr. Hyde, Jafar Genie, Ocean, Witch lilo, Vampire stich.

    Favorite things about the Ducktales world are...

    The money bin, the way everything looks like the show (the 2017 show), how it shows the 2017 Gizmoduck armor before to is introduced in the 2017 show. ( I also like how when playing as pumpkin king jack the NBC world looks like the set of this is Halloween).

    That is my review of the Ducktales update.

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  • DarthTyler626

    I really do not have one word to describe this update. This might partially be that I have always been a Ducktales fan, but DANG this update is awesome! We have many new characters from the boys and Scrooge to Darkwing Duck and Magica De Spell's shadow! There is one slight downside, but it is very positive for players! We see the return of the "Unlimited Pixel Gift Glitch", which I used to instantly get Darkwing Duck! Sadly, this will likely be patched soon. However you guys may see this update, I think it was a great +1 to the game. Play on Crossers, and Ducktales WOO-OO!

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  • Wave9Nut

    Huuuuge glitch

    November 24, 2017 by Wave9Nut
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  • Torsita01

    These are the models for Disney Crossy Road: Story Mode which CHEWBACCA 109 and I are making. (NOTE: I have not completed all the models yet)

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  • Wave9Nut

    Daily Mission Glitch

    November 16, 2017 by Wave9Nut

    Hey I figured out that you can change the date on your phone and get new daily mission figures does something bad happen when you do like In pokemon go or is it completely fine?

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  • Ginging99

    • Fabulous Ligtning McQueen (Enchanted)
    • Lightning Storm McQueen (Enchanted)
    • Piston Cup Lightning McQueen (Enchanted) (Upcoming)
    • Tex Dinoco (Rare)
    • Fabulous Hudson Hornet (Enchanted)
    • Sheriff (Rare)
    • Gale Beaufort (Rare)
    • Bobby Swift (Rare) (Upcoming)

    • Witch Lilo (Rare) (Upcoming)
    • Earth Day Stitch (Enchanted)
    • Vampire Stitch (Enchanted) (Upcoming)
    • Hawaiin Shirt Jumba (Epic)
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  • Wave9Nut

    A question

    October 19, 2017 by Wave9Nut

    Hey I am thinking about getting this but I don't like nightmare before Christmas do I have to play as them? Do I have to get them?

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  • Ginging99

    • Unknown (Unknown) (Upcoming)

    This is Update 3.2 Coming Soon.

    • Hack (Enhcanted) (Upcoming)
    • Slash (Enchanted) (Upcoming)
    • Bigtime (Epic) (Upcoming)
    • Burger (Rare) (Upcoming)
    • Baggy (Rare) (Upcoming)
    • Babyface (Epic) (Upcoming)
    • Peghook U2019S ghost (Epic) (Upcoming)
    • Headless Horse Man (Epic) (Upcoming)
    • Merlock (Epic) (Upcoming)

    This is Update 3.1 Coming Soon.

    • Ghost Fire Ramone (Rare) (Upcoming)
    • The King (Enchanted) (Upcoming)
    • Cal Weathers (Epic) (Upcoming)
    • Todd (Epic)
    • Mr.Drippy (Epic) (Upcoming)
    • Ryan "İnside" Laney (Epic)
    • Danny Swervez (Rare)
    • Chase Racelott (Epic) (Upcoming)
    • Tim Threadless (Enchanted) (Upcoming)
    • Rich Mixon (Rare) (Upcoming)
    • Broadside (Enchanted) (Upcoming)
    • Frank (Enchanted) (Upcoming)
    • Tractors (Epic) (Upcoming)

    • Chef Stitch (Classic)
    • Dr. Hamsterviel (Epic) …

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  • Padsquad2010

    It’s that time again. Welcome to another rendition of…






    Welcome, Tamatoa, to the Galactic Federation,
    Where today you'll discover our lyrical inflation!
    You’re a twitchy-eyed crab beast who can't scratch his back!
    I'm an alien menace and I'm on the attack!
    Plus, I've got a gun! A spaceship! And authority!
    All you've got are back sparkles, no, really!
    Look, I'm a nice guy, and I mean no harm,
    But I need to destroy you, so come on, disarm!

    You ask me to disarm? But I am my own weapon!
    Fish come to me like they're manna from heaven!
    I'm a feared creature underneath the sea
    You're a strange blob subordinated to piracy
    I'm second to none! You're second to many!
    You can't catch St…

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  • Disneyy

    Neighbours Crossy Road

    September 14, 2017 by Disneyy

    Hi this is another version if crossy i made up based on my favourite TV Show Neighbours

    The Game released on the 14th of September 2017 with 12 characters the characters on the game release logo are 

















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  • Anotherrav

    I'm going to go through my steps for capturing a figure image, and then what I due to edit it into a clean image with a transparent background. For image editing, I use Gimp , an open source program that is available free for Windows, macOS, and Linux. For this tutorial, I'm going to walk through the steps I used for Agent 001, which is an Enchanted character. Enchanted characters tend to be harder to capture than other characters.

    1. First, find Agent 001 in the Monsters, Inc. character list.
    2. Because she is an enchanted character, the glow effect interferes with the capture, so tap her star to bring up her upgrade screen. (For non-enchanted characters, I recommend skipping this step.) Note: for all characters that aren't Enchanted, when you se…
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  • Torsita01

    Hello, and welcome to the second unofficial monthly Marvel Fan-Made Model Contest!

    The Winner of last month's Marvel Fan-Made Model Contest (Theme was: Ant-Man) is...


    The Wasp by Bestfriendswheneverfan20067!

    Congratulations to Bestfriendswheneverfan20067! Your Fan-Made Model will be featured on the main page for the entire month of September!

    Okay, onto September's contest!

    The Rules:

    1. To enter the contest, you must make a Model that has to do with the movie specified (Although, you can still make Models from other movies, they just won't be in the contest).

    2. You can make as many models (from the specified movie) as you want, but you can only enter one in the contest.

    3. Please don't put down other people's models. If you see something wron…

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  • TheRealOliverArts

    Great Scott! More details will be added later.

    Marty McFly
    Lorraine Baines McFly
    George McFly
    Jennifer Parker
    Goldie Wilson

    Biff Tannen
    Seamus McFly

    Doc Brown
    Clara Clayton
    Marvin Berry

    Unlockable Character How to unlock
    Mr. Strickland Complete the Hill Valley High School set (Marty McFly, Lorraine Baines McFly, George McFly, Jennifer Parker, Biff Tannen)
    Griff Complete Daily Missions
    Marty McFly Junior Complete Daily Missions
    Rich Man Biff Find the Grays Sports Almanac while playing as Biff Tannen
    Jules Find him while playing as Clara Clayton
    Verne Find him while playing as Clara Clayton
    Terry Complete the Back to the Future Part II set (Rich Man Biff, Needles, Griff, Marty McFly Junior)
    Chester Complete the Back to the …

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  • TheRealOliverArts

    10. Santa Jack

    9. Phillip Sherman

    8. Rainbow Unicorn

    7. Syndrome

    6. Tamatoa

    5. Prince Ali

    4. Boo in Costume

    3. Turbo

    2. Raksha

    1. Alien

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  • Alperando

    My Third Fan-Made Model!

    August 28, 2017 by Alperando

    This is my third fan-made model! Alice, from Alice in Wonderland (the movie)! 

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  • EricSonic

    This is CN Crossy Road, a new project that i made..


    • OK K.O.!
    • Adventure Time
    • Teen Titans GO!
    • The Amazing World of Gumball
    • Regular Show
    • Powerpuff Girls
    • Ben 10

    • Steven Universe
    • Mighty Magiswords
    • Sonic Boom
    • Unikitty!
    • DC Super Hero Girls
    • Summer Camp Island

    Figure Name Rarity Description How to Unlock
    K.O. Classic

    Puppy K.O. Classic
    Buy the We've Got Fleas Bundle. Added in the Ben 10 Update.
    Enid Classic

    Bunny Enid Classic
    Buy the We've Got Fleas Bundle. Added in the Ben 10 Update.
    Carol Classic

    Dendy Classic

    Mr. Gar Epic Smash obstacles with your elbow.

    Radicles Rare Use the Power Poke!

    Cat Radicles Classic
    Buy the We've Got…

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  • Alperando

    This is my second fan-made model of DCR! Tinkerbell!

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  • Alperando
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  • Alperando

    I tried a lot... and finally I made my FIRST FAN MODEL of DCR! Aurora, from Sleeping Beauty!

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  • TheRealOliverArts

    16. Dr. Finkelstein

    15. Mint in the Box Prospector

    14. Imaginary Boyfriend

    13. Frozone

    12. Mr. Incredible

    11. Clawhauser

    10. Elastigirl/Mrs. Incredible

    9. Maui

    8. Jack Skellington

    7. Roz

    6. Randall

    5. Sulley

    4. Bullseye

    3. The Genie

    2. Bing Bong

    1. Wheezy

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  • Alperando

    Disney Crossy Road is my favourite game! And I have an idea! My idea's name is: Special Moves of Characters! Only imagine... All Disney Crossy Road Characters have a special power! For example:

    1. Dash can run faster! (With only 1 tap, he can hop 2 times)

    2. Violet can be disappeared and when the moving objects go right her, she doesn't die!

    3. Rapunzel can catch bad guys with her hair!

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  • TheRealOliverArts

    These are my top 30 favourite figures to play as under the Rare category!

    30. Doom Buggy

    29. Sim Kid

    28. Mufasa

    27. Violet and Dash (tie)

    26. Sally

    25. Jenny and Charlie (tie)

    24. Scar

    23. Mr. Waternoose

    22. Celia

    21. Fix-It Felix

    20. Disgust

    19. Cy-Bug King Candy

    18. Abu

    17. Classic Lumiere, Classic Cogsworth, and Classic Mrs. Potts (three way tie)

    16. Lenny

    15. Bo Peep

    14. Rex

    13. Donald Duck

    12. Vanellope von Schweetz

    11. Mike Wazowski

    10. King Candy

    9. Fear

    8. Wreck-It Ralph

    7. Emperor Zurg

    6. Anger

    5. Classic Baloo and Classic King Louie (tie)

    4. Adult Nala

    3. The Prospector

    2. Gazelle

    1. Jessie

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  • TheRealOliverArts

    These are my top 20 favourite figures to play as under the Classic category!

    20. Green Army Man

    19. Rocky Gibraltar

    18. Boo

    17. Mickey Mouse

    16. Dory

    15. Bonnie and Stu Hopps (tie)

    14. Mrs. Nesbitt

    13. Moana

    12. Aladdin and Jasmine (tie)

    11. Emmitt Otterton

    10. Bellwether

    9. Edna Mode

    8. Sadness

    7. Lock, Shock and Barrel (three way tie)

    6. Joy

    5. Slinky Dog

    4. Goofy

    3. Buzz Lightyear

    2. Judy Hopps

    1. Woody

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  • TheRealOliverArts

    Here are characters that have yet to be in Disney Crossy Road or even to be announced that I would really love to see in the roster. Now this is all opinion based, but hopefully you'll see where I'm coming from.

    Mrs. Otterton (Zootopia): I mean, come on, who wouldn't want to play as this little cutie? In the film, her husband Emmitt (who is also a playable character in the game) was one of many mammals that went missing, and it was her desparation to have him back that inspired Judy to look for him and get the plot going. Her love for her husband is a driving force in the film, yet the people behind the game just completely overlook her and put in more useless characters. She's like the misssing piece of the Zootopia puzzle. I can just imagi…

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  • Torsita01

    These are all the entries for the Marvel Fan-Made Model contest:

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  • EricSonic

    I'll remove the Challenges section to make it easier for me to finish the episode.

    With Henry Turner's elimination, Edna tries to help Stitch in collecting the lost resources. Joy wanted to help too, and both allowed her to help. Suddenly, Honey Lemon started to hinder her team, by "accidentally" tripping on their campsites and destroying everything. Everyone at camp chose to eliminate her next. Mickey and Minnie called everyone to the Challenge Corner to a reward challenge. It was a blind race, that everyone can't see on the race. Present won the final reward challenge, with the next one being a CrosSurvivor auction.

    The immunity challenge will begin. It was the elimination roulette. Present won, finally ending Superheroes' winning streak. …

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  • Disneyy

    Movie Ratings

    July 20, 2017 by Disneyy

    NOT IN USE ANYMORE  Comment your rating of disney movies you've seen to get added to the list

    Disneyy- rating: (5/5)

    Disneyy- rating (5/5)

    Disneyy- rating (3/5)

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  • Ice Bear Phantom

    I've noticed some minor bugs in the game that have not been patched yet (as far as I know since I do not have the Cars Update yet). I refer to these as "minor bugs", as they are not game-breaking and do not majorly affect the gameplay experience. I will include some old patched glitches of this nature that I would like to note as well (this will also give me a section to put some of the bugs when they are patched). Feel free to share ones that you find.

    Character(s) Used: Fear, Jangles

    The Jangles models that replace cars while playing as Fear will shrink to a smaller size, then back to normal size as they progress. This also occurs while playing as Jangles. Jangles will shrink and grow on each hop. This bug does not occur if Jangles is hold…

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  • Padsquad2010

    This is the second installment of DCR Diaries. This time it's narrated by Rapunzel. If you missed the first, there is a link in the navbox below. Now, on with the story.

    Hey! It's Rapunzel!

    So, the weirdest thing happened today.

    I was running across the roads, like I do, and then out of nowhere pops up this random guy. Now, people don't usually do that, especially not here in the Tangled world, so of course I had to investigate. This was the largest guy I've ever seen! He had a big red shirt and called himself Ralph. His arms and fists were enormous!

    Even for Disney, it's pretty disproportionate.

    This guy says he doesn't want to stay in the game anymore. He starts rambling on about the deeper meaning of life and that he must have a greater purp…

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  • Ice Bear Phantom

    I started a list of ideas for new figures to add to older Disney Crossy Road worlds a while back. It's probably deep down in my user blog page. I decided to start with something new and fresh. Here are some of my ideas. I will add more ideas from time to time.

    • Rarity: Rare
    • Description: Sits down and purrs
    • Unlock Method: Weekend Challenge or Daily Mission Stamps

    • Rarity: Classic
    • Unlock Method: Find Mochi with Stitch

    • Rarity: Classic
    • Unlock Method: Daily Mission Stamps

    • Rarity: Rare/Epic/Enchanted
    • Description: Dances to the music
    • Unlock Method: Weekend Challenge

    • Rarity: Diamond
    • Description: A little melty
    • Unlock Method: Star Unlock or Ticket Purchase

    • Rarity: Diamond
    • Description: A little melty
    • Unlock Method: Star Unlock or Ticket Purchase

    • Rarity: Rare/Epic
    • Descr…

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  • Ice Bear Phantom

    EDIT: The update was released for Amazon Fire users on July 25th. The Baymax situation was fixed in a weird way. I kept my Enchanted Baymax Super Suit and I was able to unlock the Epic one as well. So, I guess have two Baymax Super Suits now.

    From what I've seen, users of Android and iOS devices have the Cars Update available now. I am most likely correct about this statement. However, Amazon Fire users (referred to as Android (Amazon) by the support page) have yet to receive the update. The latest update listed on the Fire app store is a "General bug fixes and optimized performance" update from late June (when the Daily Missions were reimplemented). I'm really concerned about this because my hype for this update is overloading and the Fire…

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  • Disneyy

    Hi this is my fan made game where classic movie worlds and characters are in my version of Disney Crossy Road please comment worlds and characters you want added Enjoy 

    The game was released on the 9th of July with three worlds- Winnie The Pooh, Cinderella and 101 Dalmations there is a weekend challenge for Cinderella on the 15-16th of July with Jaq and Ballroom Cinderella. you could purchase the winnie the pooh bundle for $3.99 it includes Birthday Eeyore,Party hat Pooh and Party hat Christopher Robin. You can get coins and pixels free gifts every hour. You can complete daily missions. The charcters that are on the game release logo are:

    Party Hat Eeyore


    Cinderella (Ballroom)

    Cruella De Vil


    The current characters from each world are: …

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  • EricSonic

    • Immunity Challenge:Falling Things
      • The contestants have to escape from falling objects. The team which has more contestants remaining will win.

    Winners: Superheroes

    Hiro and Honey Lemon chose to join the Superheroes' alliance, since they were now part of their team. Present somehow lost all of their resources, and Stitch and Henry Turner went to find all the resources they lost.

    The immunity challenge begins. It was to escape from falling objects from above. The team which have more contestants remaining will win. With only one team member standing, which was Dash, making the Superheroes win.

    At Tribal Council, Present will vote for who should leave.

    Voted For Votes Against
    Henry Turner Edna Mode, Lilo, Stitch
    Edna Mode Joy
    Lilo Henry Turner

    Henry Tu…

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  • Disneyy

    Movie Blog

    July 8, 2017 by Disneyy

    Hi! this is my blog where i tell what movies i see for the first time and my reviews on them 

    Enjoy :)

    This movie was sad and cute i love young Tod and Copper i hate that Copper's owner was trying to kill Tod rating: (4/5)

    I found this movie so-so it was good and bad i didn't like how they used a lot of smoking in it and showing kids smoking i found that innapproiate for kids to watch, i liked Jiminy Cricket i find he is a good role model for kids but i think Pinnocchio was a bad role model and i didn't like the storyline of this Movie rating: (2/5)

    This is probbaly one of my favourites now i loved the live action so theres no surprsie that i love this version to i love everything about it, the songs,characters,everything i think it's one of t…

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  • Rockingorion

    Crossy road game edition is a crossy road where the worlds are other games. Games added at release-




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  • Rockingorion

    One day mickey was hopping around his world. Suddenly, he saw a weird looking portal. Mickey was an adventurer, and hopped into the portal. He flew sideways onto a ship. Mickey realized what he had done. He had traveled to another world. It should have been impossible. Mickey hopped through the portal he came through, and instead of going back to his original world, he landed in a desert. He was about to leave when he was blasted by a red ray. He turned around. There stood a tall man in red and black with a golden snake staff. "It worked." He said. Mickey was tied up and blind folded. The man carried him for hours, then mickey felt like he was going through a portal. "You got him" A female voice said. "It worked!!!" A male voice said. Sud…

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  • IDM Pictures

    A Zootopia character who is in the movie for 2 seconds but who I did anyway:

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  • IDM Pictures

    Baby Cybug Model

    June 27, 2017 by IDM Pictures

    Another fan-made model, this time from Wreck-It Ralph:

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  • IDM Pictures

    My first Fan-Made Model:

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