• TheRealOliverArts

    Here are characters that have yet to be in Disney Crossy Road or even to be announced that I would really love to see in the roster. Now this is all opinion based, but hopefully you'll see where I'm coming from.

    Mrs. Otterton (Zootopia): I mean, come on, who wouldn't want to play as this little cutie? In the film, her husband Emmitt (who is also a playable character in the game) was one of many mammals that went missing, and it was her desparation to have him back that inspired Judy to look for him and get the plot going. Her love for her husband is a driving force in the film, yet the people behind the game just completley overlook her and put in more useless characters. She's like the misssing piece of the Zootopia puzzle. I can just imagin…

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  • Torsita01

    These are all the entries for the Marvel Fan-Made Model contest:

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  • EricSonic

    I'll remove the Challenges section to make it easier for me to finish the episode.

    With Henry Turner's elimination, Edna tries to help Stitch in collecting the lost resources. Joy wanted to help too, and both allowed her to help. Suddenly, Honey Lemon started to hinder her team, by "accidentally" tripping on their campsites and destroying everything. Everyone at camp chose to eliminate her next. Mickey and Minnie called everyone to the Challenge Corner to a reward challenge. It was a blind race, that everyone can't see on the race. Present won the final reward challenge, with the next one being a CrosSurvivor auction.

    The immunity challenge will begin. It was the elimination roulette. Present won, finally ending Superheroes' winning streak. …

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  • Disneyy

    Movie Ratings

    July 20, 2017 by Disneyy

    Comment your rating of disney movies you've seen to get added to the list

    Disneyy- rating: (5/5)

    Disneyy- rating (5/5)

    Disneyy- rating (3/5)

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  • Ice Bear Phantom

    I've noticed some minor bugs in the game that have not been patched yet (as far as I know since I do not have the Cars Update yet). I refer to these as "minor bugs", as they are not game-breaking and do not majorly affect the gameplay experience. I will include some old patched glitches of this nature that I would like to note as well (this will also give me a section to put some of the bugs when they are patched). Feel free to share ones that you find.

    Character(s) Used: Fear, Jangles

    The Jangles models that replace cars while playing as Fear will shrink to a smaller size, then back to normal size as they progress. This also occurs while playing as Jangles. Jangles will shrink and grow on each hop. This bug does not occur if Jangles is hold…

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  • Padsquad2010

    This is the second installment of DCR Diaries. This time it's narrated by Rapunzel. If you missed the first, there is a link in the navbox below. Now, on with the story.

    Hey! It's Rapunzel!

    So, the weirdest thing happened today.

    I was running across the roads, like I do, and then out of nowhere pops up this random guy. Now, people don't usually do that, especially not here in the Tangled world, so of course I had to investigate. This was the largest guy I've ever seen! He had a big red shirt and called himself Ralph. His arms and fists were enormous!

    Even for Disney, it's pretty disproportionate.

    This guy says he doesn't want to stay in the game anymore. He starts rambling on about the deeper meaning of life and that he must have a greater purp…

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  • Ice Bear Phantom

    I started a list of ideas for new figures to add to older Disney Crossy Road worlds a while back. It's probably deep down in my user blog page. I decided to start with something new and fresh. Here are some of my ideas. I will add more ideas from time to time.

    • Rarity: Rare
    • Description: Sits down and purrs
    • Unlock Method: Weekend Challenge or Daily Mission Stamps

    • Rarity: Classic
    • Unlock Method: Find Mochi with Stitch

    • Rarity: Classic
    • Unlock Method: Daily Mission Stamps

    • Rarity: Rare/Epic/Enchanted
    • Description: Dances to the music
    • Unlock Method: Weekend Challenge

    • Rarity: Diamond
    • Description: A little melty
    • Unlock Method: Star Unlock or Ticket Purchase

    • Rarity: Diamond
    • Description: A little melty
    • Unlock Method: Star Unlock or Ticket Purchase

    • Rarity: Rare/Epic
    • Descr…

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  • Ice Bear Phantom

    EDIT: The update was released for Amazon Fire users on July 25th. The Baymax situation was fixed in a weird way. I kept my Enchanted Baymax Super Suit and I was able to unlock the Epic one as well. So, I guess have two Baymax Super Suits now.

    From what I've seen, users of Android and iOS devices have the Cars Update available now. I am most likely correct about this statement. However, Amazon Fire users (referred to as Android (Amazon) by the support page) have yet to receive the update. The latest update listed on the Fire app store is a "General bug fixes and optimized performance" update from late June (when the Daily Missions were reimplemented). I'm really concerned about this because my hype for this update is overloading and the Fire…

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  • Disneyy

    Hi this is my fan made game where classic movie worlds and characters are in my version of Disney Crossy Road please comment worlds and characters you want added Enjoy 

    The game was released on the 9th of July with three worlds- Winnie The Pooh, Cinderella and 101 Dalmations there is a weekend challenge for Cinderella on the 15-16th of July with Jaq and Ballroom Cinderella. you could purchase the winnie the pooh bundle for $3.99 it includes Birthday Eeyore,Party hat Pooh and Party hat Christopher Robin. You can get coins and pixels free gifts every hour. You can complete daily missions. The charcters that are on the game release logo are:

    Party Hat Eeyore


    Cinderella (Ballroom)

    Cruella De Vil


    The current characters from each world are: …

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  • EricSonic

    • Immunity Challenge:Falling Things
      • The contestants have to escape from falling objects. The team which has more contestants remaining will win.

    Winners: Superheroes

    Hiro and Honey Lemon chose to join the Superheroes' alliance, since they were now part of their team. Present somehow lost all of their resources, and Stitch and Henry Turner went to find all the resources they lost.

    The immunity challenge begins. It was to escape from falling objects from above. The team which have more contestants remaining will win. With only one team member standing, which was Dash, making the Superheroes win.

    At Tribal Council, Present will vote for who should leave.

    Voted For Votes Against
    Henry Turner Edna Mode, Lilo, Stitch
    Edna Mode Joy
    Lilo Henry Turner

    Henry Tu…

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  • Disneyy

    Movie Blog

    July 8, 2017 by Disneyy

    Hi! this is my blog where i tell what movies i see for the first time and my reviews on them 

    Enjoy :)

    This movie was sad and cute i love young Tod and Copper i hate that Copper's owner was trying to kill Tod rating: (4/5)

    I found this movie so-so it was good and bad i didn't like how they used a lot of smoking in it and showing kids smoking i found that innapproiate for kids to watch, i liked Jiminy Cricket i find he is a good role model for kids but i think Pinnocchio was a bad role model and i didn't like the storyline of this Movie rating: (2/5)

    This is probbaly one of my favourites now i loved the live action so theres no surprsie that i love this version to i love everything about it, the songs,characters,everything i think it's one of t…

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  • Rockingorion

    Crossy road game edition is a crossy road where the worlds are other games. Games added at release-




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  • Rockingorion

    One day mickey was hopping around his world. Suddenly, he saw a weird looking portal. Mickey was an adventurer, and hopped into the portal. He flew sideways onto a ship. Mickey realized what he had done. He had traveled to another world. It should have been impossible. Mickey hopped through the portal he came through, and instead of going back to his original world, he landed in a desert. He was about to leave when he was blasted by a red ray. He turned around. There stood a tall man in red and black with a golden snake staff. "It worked." He said. Mickey was tied up and blind folded. The man carried him for hours, then mickey felt like he was going through a portal. "You got him" A female voice said. "It worked!!!" A male voice said. Sud…

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  • IDM Pictures

    A Zootopia character who is in the movie for 2 seconds but who I did anyway:

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  • IDM Pictures

    Baby Cybug Model

    June 27, 2017 by IDM Pictures

    Another fan-made model, this time from Wreck-It Ralph:

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  • IDM Pictures

    My first Fan-Made Model:

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  • Rockingorion
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    Spoken Line Character
    Magda yes.

    What is happening

    I feared this day would come.

    What is Happening!

    All 13 portal blades can merge into one and they give him control of all the gone ones including your friends.



    A Beam Of light shoots up into the sky then all of the fiures come out of that beacon and start chasing Henry,Belle,Stitch,Will,Elisabeth,and Moana ~


    Join us

    Salazar is the only ruler

    I forgot to say I CONTROL ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!

    On The ship ~
    Wow the lamp

    Rub ME!!


    Hmm The lamp

    Wait what Jafar?

    I can use it.

    Gus put me in the Lamp

    Okay Whatever you say.

    II am the new GENIE!!!



    Jafar slaps Genbie with his staff ~

    Now Show your true colors.


    When do we attack?

    soon enough soon enough.

    Back in the batt…

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  • Rockingorion

    Epic DCR battles

    June 25, 2017 by Rockingorion

    ARE YOU READY!!!!!! It's time for figures to fight to the death. One person will pick a figure, and I will tell you the health and attack. Another one will do the same thing, and They will battle. Whoever wins takes my job, and so on.

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  • EricSonic

    • Immunity Challenge: Boat Race
      • The contestants had their respective boats, and they have to get to the other side of the lake.

    Winners: Superheroes

    Stitch was so happy to be reunited with Lilo. On the mountain, Donald managed to trip over a rock and fall off of it. He was severely injured after that. Daisy told all of the team members of Present that Donald was injured after falling off the mountain, and she and Donald would not be part of the challenges, and show it to the hosts at Tribal Council. Dash managed to set a world record of the fastest time of collecting resources, at 10 seconds. Everyone on his team congratulated him.

    The immunity challenge would begin, but Daisy and Donald stayed at camp, because she would see Donald if he is okay. …

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    You can talk cars 3 in the comments

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  • Padsquad2010

    Welcome to the second Hurt/Heal on the wiki! This time we're doing Inside Out! If you don't know the rules, you can hurt characters to lower their points, and heal them to raise their points. The number of times you can do that will change.

    Current Rule - 2 Hurts & 1 Heal, Max HP 50

    Last Move - Double Hurt Dog's Sadness Heal Imaginary Boyfriend by Torsita

    Abstract Bing Bong - 10
    Abstract Joy - 11
    Anger - 13
    Bing Bong - 15
    Bobby - 9
    Brazilian Helicopter Pilot - 25
    Cat’s Anger - 9
    Cat’s Disgust - 10
    Cat’s Fear - 10
    Cat’s Joy - 8
    Cut-In-Half Dog - 11
    Disgust - 16
    Dog’s Anger - 10
    Dog’s Fear - 10
    Dog’s Sadness - 8
    Dream Director - 10
    Fear - 21
    Frank - 10
    Imaginary Boyfriend- 25
    Jangles - 18
    Mom’s Anger - 11
    Mom’s Disgust - 10
    Mom’s Fear - 9
    Mom’s Joy - 10
    Mom’s Sadness …

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    Get that key!!!

    What about the trident?

    I have absorbed the power and now I am the key to trespassing relams!

    Evreyone gives their captain blank stares. ~

    We thought we were part of your ultimate plan!

    You were!

    but the relams are MINE!!!


    Thanks for all you did now you're gone!

    Salazar blasts all villains he once worked with into the relam of the unreleaced. ~
    Ghosts we have conqured!!

    Now we extinguish the remaining 5 Incredibles, Pirates of the Caribean,Moana, Monsters inc ,and Beauty and the Beast.

    Where to Captain?

    Monsters Inc.


    Mom, Dad,Belle, Barbossa, and Stitch! Youre alive

    No thanks to Salazar!

    Where are the others?

    Monsters Inc world.

    They are dead!


    That is Salazar's next striking place!

    No Way!!

    So where is the hu…

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  • Gogobell

    Title: Broken Teams

    Previous Episode: Episode 1

    Next Episode: Coming Soon

    Go back to the CrosSurvivor Episodes.


    Character Dialogue


    Day 2

    After leaving the South Beach, the teams finally walk back to their respective campsites. Meanwhile on The Superheroes Team...all candidates settle down underneath their shelter, while Frozone stays outside, looking at them.

    Okay...anyone would like to talk about what happened out there ? At the challenges ?
    There is nothing to explain.
    Oh yeah, because I think there is. You didn't listen to us Dash !! You went on your own when building the structure..and that's why we don't have the clue to the H…

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    Salazar Crossed us and we never saw it commng!

    Looking for this!

    Salazar walks in holding Barbossa and dragging Belle and Stitch behind him. ~
    Belle how nice to see yoou again. How is Henry doing?

    Good I guess.

    Stitch here too!

    Good for you.

    Now get into that prison!

    So first order of buisness what to do with the loosers

    I say we sink em to the ocean bottom

    I say we just walk in and hypnotize then to make them work for us


    I say we drop em' in a volcano.

    My world has a few.

    I like this idea! Portal Blade bring us to the Incredibles world.

    Donald, where are we?

    My second Home.

    Hey Donald, over here!

    What this time Mike?!

    I have a human Kid!

    Mike Wasowski

    Can You please banish her so the C.D.A dosen't arrest me!



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  • EricSonic

    • Reward Challenge: Code Breaker
      • The contestants had to break a code by themselves, by pressing buttons. Once they crack the code they would get the reward.

    Winners: Superheroes & Old or Short

    • Immunity Challenge: Block Pushing Maze
      • The contestants were put on a maze. They had to get out of it by pushing blocks, and they would find the way out of the maze.

    Winners: Superheroes & Present

    Honey Lemon was so angry that she tried to find the idol quickly. She couldn't stand how her idol was stolen, and how she got to find a fake idol. And then, she finally found one. Frozone now wanted to enter Mr. Incredible's aliance. He allowed Frozone to enter his alliance. All of the Old or Short are thinking that if there would be a switch, they would be dissolve…

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    Spoken Line Character
    It is hopeless

    We are three members down but we must never give up!

    The all founder!

    This is no time for jokes!

    I am Serious!

    Mr. Donald sir, what will your plesures be because I swear to you you aint never had a friend like me!!!!!

    OH MY GOSH!!!

    You are the all founder.

    In the Flesh. Well Us Genies don't have flesh so Yeah it's me.


    Salazar keeps him in the prison downstairs.

    Let's go now while we aren't expected.



    Why didn't you tell me we are escaping?

    Let's roll!

    And Who just Might theese fools be!

    I've heard they are relam crossers!

    Take us to your leader!

    Ahhhhh!!!!! Aliens

    Right this Way.


    Ahh Genie I see somebody finaly freed you!

    Enchantress Now!!!

    You and all of your servents are now curced! again.


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  • Padsquad2010

    Welcome to another rendition of Epic Rap Battles of DCR! This time, we have two mystical, magical women fighting for lyrical power. The seance of the Haunted Mansion, Madame Leota faces the witch of Tangled, Mother Gothel.




    While wandering in the woods, a most hideous sight appeared
    A Mansion, and when I looked inside, you're here
    It's great to meet someone far less powerful than I
    Though we’ll both exist forever, only one can not die!
    If I crack the glass, will that mark the end
    Of giving tourists a death stare, or are you dead?
    You're existence is a mystery, so I'll strive
    To make sure you come back less alive

    Rap on a table, it’s time to respond
    Spirits have risen, of you they're not fond
    A wanderer, restricted…

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  • Ice Bear Phantom

    Notice: Since Elegant Minnie and Debonair Mickey have no background-less images on the wiki, their names are simply placed in the character section. These will remain as placeholders until the appropriate images are created. Please enjoy this installment.


    ACT 1: Enter the Rifts

    PART 2: Witnesses of the Turmoil! More Worlds Become Victims!

    Character Dialogue
    --- Last time on The Pixel Chronicles... A shadowy figure suddenly appeared in Lilo and Stitch's Hawaiian paradise. But, it wasn't to soak in the sun's rays. He brought a powerful weapon with him, allowing him to gather energy from figurines, killing them in an instant. After witnessing his 'ohana' crumble, Stitch gives himself up in one risky move, leaving behind a magi…

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    Spoken Line Person
    Sorry but Mrs .Incerdible is right.

    We need a blade to leave.

    I still have one.


    Maccus grabbed a fake one but, I opened a portal to the Big Hero 6 world.

    That's where mt Mom is!

    It's too risky.

    The reward is worth it.

    Let's go I guess?

    Maccus is brought over on a T.V screen.
    The ninth Portal Blade is ours! Maccus come in.

    Wait that one is fake!

    Maccus wat did you bring us?

    That dumb duck!

    The Duck is now public enemy nember one!

    Let's show the Big Hero relam why we are to rule the relams!

    Ha HA HA ha Ha!!!!!!!!

    What happened!

    Baymax you've returned!


    You come in our hour of darkness.

    Henry, come to me!

    Right here traidor!

    Henry and Philip start a sword fight and know only one will survive it. ~
    This is for the best.


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  • EricSonic

    Fan Update: Dinosaur

    June 10, 2017 by EricSonic

    This is my first fan update, Dinosaur. I think this is such an underrated movie, since it was a success, i decided to make a fan update. Also, should i make a world logo?

    Figure Name Rarity Description How to Unlock
    Aladar Epic The lemurs are watching you.

    Neera Rare Aladar is somewhere, but can you find him?

    Kron Rare Lead the herd of dinosaurs.

    Bruton Epic Watch the herd.

    Carnotaur Rare Watch out for Neera and Aladar!

    Plio Classic

    Yar Classic

    Zini Classic

    Suri Classic

    Eema Rare ​You are moving slowly.

    Baylene Epic ​Find some water.

    Url Classic

    Aladar's Mother Rare Find your eggs. Complete the Nesting Grounds set.
    Pteranodon Classic
    Die 5 times while playing as Aladar.
    Velociraptor Classic
    Complete the Lemur Island set.
    Icaronycteris Classic
    Find while playing …

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  • EricSonic

    • Immunity Challenge: Relay Race

    Four team members will race one by one. Once they reach the next team member, this team member will race until they reach the next one, and so on. They finish when the last one gets to the finish line.

    • Winners: Superheroes & Old or Short

    Without a clue, Henry Turner managed to find his team's idol. He told the entire team that he found his team's idol without any clue. Everyone on his team congratulated him. Stitch made a fake idol in a few minutes and hid it somewhere in the island. Honey Lemon tried to find another idol, but she ended up finding Stitch's fake idol, and she didn't notice it was a fake one made to prank anyone who tried to find it. When Chip was finding resources, he started to hear strange nois…

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    Spoken Line Person

    Rarrrgh y rarg

    Barbossa what should I do?

    Don't worry about me. Do you not understand me?

    Will, it's time you walk the plank!!

    A new person comes out of the ship's hull. ~~

    Moana we meet again!

    Why do we have the loosers with us?

    Because Salazar told us to!



    You know as much as I once Salazar wins he won't need you.

    Salazar wants to end all relams no winning.

    We're here!

    You-You-you died!

    No, Salazar saved me.

    Will jumpes off the plank and into a mini boat witch is overtaken by villains. ~~
    You are in for it.


    Uhhh Lock him in the prison!

    Uhh we lost the key.

    Then find it.

    Come on Henry, you have been asleap for hours.

    Save Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Chip hold still I am commin'!!!!!!

    Belle, You're still alive. I …

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  • Gogobell

    This is a section of all of the currently available Episodes for CrosSurvivor - Book 1.

    Synopsis: Stranded on an island, 18 Disney characters and candidates will be left there with nothing but themselves.  Divied into 3 teams, they will have to face the numerous physical and mental challenges hosted by the famous Disney presenters, Mickey and Minnie Mouse. They shall be tested, and eliminated. Their only goal is to fight for the respectful title of, "Best Crosser Survivor" and the stunning prize of $100,000. Only one may win, who will the best crosser survivor ? Read now.

    Book Status: INCOMPLETE.

    Go back to the Main Page.

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  • Gogobell

    Title: Honored Soul

    Previous Episode: Episode 3

    Next Episode: Episode 5

    Go back to The House Of Crossers Episodes.

    Character Dialogue

    The House Of Crossers

    We are the 9 members of The Council, representing the worlds of Zootopia, Mickey Mouse & Friends, Toy Story, Haunted Mansion, The Lion King, Big Hero 6, Tangled, Inside Out, and Wreck-It Ralph. But an intruder from a new dimension, Jafar, has planned to invade our lands, and a battle with him is imminent. One of ours is dead, and one of ours has betrayed us. With the help of a very powerful weapon, an Omega 83, we are the only ones who can travel through our own dimensions. We are the last hope of our galaxy, and in order to protect our lands and our people, we must prepare ourselves and tra…

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    Spoken Line Character

    Where are we going?

    To the relam that...


    The only one Captain Salazar can cross into

    I am I am positive there is another body in this portal.

    Why is this relam so important?

    It holds the trident of Poseidon.

    What can it do?

    He will lead an army of the dead of all 13 relams.

    Finally Will you came.


    Salazar gets Magda and Lesaro to capture Will but then the figure Baymax was talking about came. `


    Lesaro I thought you died

    No thanks to you!

    A shoddow-y figure shoots the remaining heroes with a dart and thay all fall asleep ~
    Magda take them !!

    I hurt my friends now what do you want me to do.

    The shaddow-y figure comes out of the shadows to reveal herself to be Moana! ~
    You are no longer neeeded leave her Lesaro!

    What …

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  • Ice Bear Phantom

    Even though my draft work is complete, Part 1 will still be saved as "Disney Crossy Road Series Draft" due to the inability to change a blog's title. The official title will be listed below.

    (Yes, my titles are going to sound like anime episode titles.)


    ACT 1: Enter the Rifts

    PART 1: Ohana Means Family! Lilo and Stitch's Brave Defense!

    Character Dialogue
    --- The mosquitos of the Hawaiian paradise that is the Lilo and Stitch world buzz about in the morning. An elderly woman, Mrs. Hasagawa, is placing a basket of tropical fruits on the counter of her stand. She is in her early business hours. A dark and mysterious figure approaches her. The figure seems to be holding a weapon-like object with a tube on top. The tube contains …

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  • Ice Bear Phantom

    After select figures were retired in the Lilo and Stitch Update, I'd like to think of possible figures that could retire in the near future.

    • Lunar New Year 2017 (LNY2017 Fa Mulan, LNY2017 Li Shang, LNY2017 Mushu) and New Year's 2017 (NY2017 Joy and Sadness) Characters
    • Barrel
    • Concubine Chien-Po, Concubine Ling, and Concubine Yao

    Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Ice Bear Phantom

    Note: I plan to add show and hide options for the lists, but, until I figure out the coding, it will be a simple list. Sorry for any inconvenience. 

    Also note: This an idea, not something in the real game. Lots of fanon wikis have received this kind of complaint and I just want to let people know. 

    Mystery Missions are a new form of Daily Missions, running alongside the standard missions. The player is given 3 quests. However, instead of being told what character to use, the player must choose a character that matches the criteria given in the quest (for example a quest might ask the player to hop on a certain amount of lilypads with 'someone in red'. The player must choose a character that has the color red on them such as Red Coat Henry Tu…

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  • Gogobell

    Welcome to the Official Disney Crossy Road - Your Stories page created by Gogobell.

    On this page, you will be able to find tons of different stories reuniting the Disney Crossy Road characters, and worlds. Each story focuses on a theme, from romance, to comedy, or to mystery, all can depend ! Suiting the preferences of all of the users around here, we encourage you to read the chapters and give us your critic so we can make more in the future, and as well improve them.

    • Start with any story you would like.
    • Read all of the Episodes.
    • Give us your critic about it.
    • Have fun :)

    Stories are updated every couple days so stay tuned for more. This was inspired by the Choices app on the mobile devices and the Disney Crossy Road app.

    Enjoy, have fun, and put…

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  • Gogobell

    Title: The Nomanisan Island

    Next Episode: Episode 2

    Go back to the CrosSurvivor Episodes.

    Character Dialogue


    Day 1
    Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to CrosSurvivor ! In this adventure, 18 candidates will fight for the respectful title of, "Best Crosser Survivor"..
    ..and the amazing prize of, $100,000. All are known for being wonderful actors, that have played in the most famous Disney movies.
    Divided into 3 teams, they will fight through the most dangerous physical and mental challenges. They will be forced to live off on an island with nothing but a few resources.
    They will have to create their own shelters, and find their own food. Only two ways to leave the competition, through elimination, or abandon.
    Only one will be able to win the grand pri…

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    spoken line Person
    ha found you.

    And who are you?

    A person come to end you.


    Henry and His Father duke it out for five minute

    Elisabeth breaks in when Will is about to drop Henry into a mud swamp

    Will Stop it's our son

    Will and Henry don't stop and Carina starts to get annoyed

    JUST STOP!!!!

    Will and Henry keep fighting they fall out of the room they are fighting in and both fall into a mud swamp. 

    Henry, What is bothering you? Cause this is not like you

    My Friend said dad gave Captain Gantu a portal blade

    Barbossa (groans)

    Pitiful isn't it

    I have a plan


    Gothel change

    Right away

    Good, Turbo change


    Let's Deystroy this realm

    Shan Yu is your weapon ready


    An eathquake erupts ,evreyone shaked , and Carina and Elisabeth fall in the mud …

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    User blog:CHEWBACCA 109/DCR story mode episode 1

    User blog:CHEWBACCA 109/DCR story mode episode 2: Never trust a snake

    User blog:CHEWBACCA 109/Disney Crossy Road Story Mode Episode 3: Experiment 626

    User blog:CHEWBACCA 109/Disney Crossy Road Story mode Episode 4 Betrayal

    User blog:CHEWBACCA 109/Disney Crossy Road Story Mode Episode 5: LIne in the cand

    User blog:CHEWBACCA 109/Disney Crossy Road Story Mode Episode 6: Haunted Relam

    User blog:CHEWBACCA 109/DCR Story Mode Episode 7: Land of the mouse

    User blog:CHEWBACCA 109/DCR Story Mode episode: The end is near

    User blog:CHEWBACCA 109/DCR Story Mode Episode 9: Escape

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  • Gogobell

    This is a section of all of the currently available Episodes for The House Of Crossers - Book 1.

    Book Status: INCOMPLETE.

    Go back to the Main Page.

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  • Gogobell

    Title: RAP

    Previous Episode: Episode 2

    Next Episode: Episode 4

    Go back to The House Of Crossers Episodes.

    Character Dialogue

    The House Of Crossers

    We are the 9 members of The Council, representing the worlds of Zootopia, Mickey Mouse & Friends, Toy Story, Haunted Mansion, The Lion King, Big Hero 6, Tangled, Inside Out, and Wreck-It Ralph. But an intruder from a new dimension, Jafar, has planned to invade our lands, and a battle with him is imminent. One of ours is dead, and one of ours has betrayed us. With the help of a very powerful weapon, an Omega 83, we are the only ones who can travel through our own dimensions. We are the last hope of our galaxy, and in order to protect our lands and our people, we must prepare ourselves and travel to al…

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  • EricSonic

    • Immunity Challenge: Climb the Mountain
      • The Contestants had to climb the entirety of a mountain. They have to go fast, so the entire team wins. The team wins when the entire team reaches the top of the mountain.

    Winners: Superheroes & Present

    Edna Mode and Lilo target Stitch, and Edna tells him the dangers of wearing a cape. Lilo leaves Edna, and caused the alliance to dissolve. While trying to find the idol, Honey Lemon found it, but Violet stole it by being invisible. After stealing it, Violet ran away. Chip managed to find enough resources for his team, and Mrs. Incredible did so. Everyone would expect an immunity challenge now, but Mickey and Minnie confirmed that there would be a challenge tomorrow.

    Mickey and Minnie called everyone to the A…

    Read more >

    Dialoge Character
    What is your name?

    Uhh Henry..Henry Turrner

    Why do you want to know?

    Ahh a turrner


    Your Father  gave Gantu the poral blade 



    Master We Won

    really? I never wold have guessed?

    No I won for him



    Henry starts to charge at Stitch but is stopped  ~~
    Don't move

    Helen wraps herself around Henry  ~
    Who are you

    Mrs. Incredible

    Barbossa is comming get in a costume

    Why ?


    Lets all break out of here


    I am tired of being Gantu's little bodyguard

    To my world I have some buisness to attend to

    I am all for it

    Ahh the smell of the sea beats nothing

    Evreyone stares at Barbossa ~
    I need to find something

    Okay the rest of us split up you never know when Davy Jones,Balckbeard, Or 

    Salazar will show up



    Read more >
  • Gogobell

    Title: A Time To Travel

    Previous Episode: Episode 1

    Next Episode: Episode 3

    Go back to The House Of Crossers Episodes.

    Character Dialogue


    Previously on The House of Crossers:
    Order in The Crosser Room !!


    All members of the Council are here. 9 different worlds, 9 members.
    What we're dealing with today is a major issue. A crisis. One small detail forgotten and our whole Universe could be blown away.
    Is Project Escalatus ready to launch ?
    What other choice do we have ? He is out there. If we don't act right now, it will be the end of the Universe. He has possession of the Omega 83, meaning he is the most dangerous man alive.
    If we are reunited at The House Of Crossers today, it is to find a solution, to save our Universe. Launch Project Escalat…

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  • EricSonic

    Hello everyone, and here's the first episode of CrosSurvivor. I actually got ideas to do this after a while.

    Well, here's the first episode!

    • Reward Challenge: Cube Stack

    The contestants had to stack cubes to get a folded piece of paper, which was a clue to the idol. Reward: Clue to the Idol

    • Immunity Challenge: Build the Flag

    The contestants had to build their team flag. The best one wins.

    • Winniers: Superheroes & Present

    The Manta Jet flies over Nomanisan island, and then it lands and drops the 18 contestants there, along with the hosts, Mickey and Minnie. The 18 contestants were divided into 3 teams. The first one was The Superheroes, with the Incredibles in it, and Frozone. But, there was a misfit there... Stitch somehow managed to enter the team, a…

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    == =description

    Save the universe play as new Gardians of the Galaxy characters

    Out of this world Weekend challenges

    Superhero capeand put costumes on in this update Gardians of the Galaxy figures


    Yondu(use the whistle arrow)

    Star Lord(fly around and shoot)

    Ego (turn into anything)


    Gamora (use your swords

    Ronin(find the infinity stone)

    Nebula(Find Gamora)


    Rocket Racoon




    Taser face

    The watchers

    Cosmo the dog

    Collector assistant

    5 secret characters

    Sakaran Soldier Rare(find infinity stone with ronin)

    Thanos Diamond 300 stars

    Ravager Rare Die as Yondu 18 times

    Team together set Yondu,Star Lord,Drax,Gamora,Mantis,Rocket,Nebula(unlocks epic Groot)

    Nova Corps officer -classic (find and fight Gamora as Nebula)

    Tivan The Colector Diamond…

    Read more >

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