The following are general rules to follow when editing on Disney Crossy Road Wiki.

Editing rules:

  • When editing a page, vandalism is never acceptable, and will result in varying degrees of punishment, depending on the vandalism, and how often it happens. This includes and is not limited to removing content from pages, adding unnecessary information, adding inappropriate text and/or images, etc.
  • Do not undo an edit from a staff member without a good reason.

Commenting/Chat rules:

  • Keep religious or political talk peaceful. If it escalates or offends someone, you may be given a warning.
  • If you have been repeatedly warned about anything, you may be temporarily blocked.
  • Do not disrespect/discriminate other users under any circumstances.
  • Spamming is not allowed and will result in an immediate block.
  • Do not post any inappropriate images in the comments section. Doing so will result in a block.
  • Do not post publish Disney Crossy Road content and confirm it as exclusive upcoming content when it is fake. This will result in a warning.
  • Do not harass users. This will result in a block. Criticism is welcomed, not harassment.
  • Do not mini-mod. This includes enforcing rules, telling people how to conduct themselves, or acting like a staff member when staff is present.
    • Harassing a staff member to block/ban a user is backseat modding and not tolerated.
  • Respect staff members' decisions, regardless of how you feel about them.
  • Do not beg for a staff position. We will make it clear when a position is open.
  • If a staff member is having a disciplinary/administrative discussion with another user, do not intervene until the previously mentioned portions are clearly finished.

Community rules:

  • Please be nice when welcoming new users. :)
  • Sockpuppeting (the creation of multiple accounts) is not allowed. While a back-up account is allowed, accounts created to deceive/troll will be blocked infinitely with a punishment to the puppeteer. However, if your main account is blocked, do NOT use any back-up account, the account will be infinitely blocked.
  • All users must be 13 years of age or older. This is Wikia's rule, not ours.

Staff Guidelines:

  • Do not do anything that could put the wiki in any harm.
  • Do not factor bias into punishments.
  • Assume good faith from users until you can not assume it anymore.
  • Listen to any appeals by those who you or others have blocked. There may have been a misunderstanding.
  • Defer to the decision of the blocker if you are uncertain of another's action.
  • Agree to and abide by the Admin Accords

Levels of Punishment:

  • 1. Warning - We will alert you that your actions are unacceptable.
  • 2. Second Warning - We will alert you that your actions are unacceptable and a block is imminent.
  • 3. 1-Day Block - You are not permitted to edit or comment for a day.
  • 4. 1-Week Block - You are not permitted to edit or comment for a week.
  • 5. Extended Block - You are not permitted to edit or comment for an extended period of time.
  • 6. Infinite Block - You are not permitted to edit or comment ever again.
  • Staff reserves the right to bypass any of these levels of punishment if they feel it is warranted, though for minor infractions, this will be the general order.

Promotion to Staff Procedure:

  • Staff will announce the opening of a new position. This is the only opportunity to become staff.
  • You will alert staff that you have interest in the position.
  • Staff will send an application to your Message Wall
  • You will complete the application.
  • After applications are complete, Staff will decide together on the ultimate decision.
  • Staff will discuss their thoughts and make decisions. Ultimately, staff promotes people, but other users' opinions are taken into account