Felix is a Rare Figure part of the Wreck-It Ralph collection.


Cherries let him fix stuff!


Felix is a male with white skin, brown hair, and a large nose. He wears a blue cap with a 'Fix-It Felix, Jr.' logo on it, a light-blue short-sleeved shirt, a light-brown belt, light-brown gloves, dark-blue pants, and light-brown shoes. He also has a yellow magical hammer.

Behavior During Gameplay

Felix can pick up the cherry during gameplay. Picking it up grants a large point bonus, and allows Felix to use his hammer to make obstacles golden (fix obstacles).


  • Felix is required to complete the 'The Citizens of Niceland' set, which unlocks Deanna.
  • Felix is also required to complete the 'Top Dogs' set, which unlocks Alistair Krei.