Genie in the Lamp is a legendary figure part of the Aladdin collection.


Genie has Blue skin wears a red 'belt', gold chains around his wrists, has gold earrings, he has a beard and a small hair on his head. In addition, he is standing in a lamp.


Unlocking Genie in the Lamp will unlock purple Pixels, which means you can collect them as any figure, and are worth the equivalent of 5 pixels. It also doubles the rewards from pixel gift boxes, duplicate characters in the prize machine, and from watching pixel-reward ads. It does not double the conversion rate from coins to pixels on each figure's Star upgrade screen. That remains 4 coins for each pixel bought.

Behavior During Gameplay

When playing as this character, blue and purple pixels show up in the world instead of coins. There is no limit to how many of these you can collect in a single day (unlike enchanted characters, which limit you to 10 per day), but since he is only Legendary, he can only be upgraded to four stars, which means that pixels can never be doubled for him.

How to Unlock

To acquire Genie in the Lamp, you must purchase him for $4.99. He is unobtainable from the Prize Machine.

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