Bundle Packs are a new feature which were added in the Finding Dory Update.

It consists of limited time packs of characters available to buy with real money, which saves you up some money instead of buying each character individually. Not a lot of packs have been added at the moment but here are all the known ones.

NOTE: Packs were only added for a limited time and most of them in the list are gone by now.

Bundle Packs Listing

Name Of The

Bundle Pack

Characters Part

Of The Bundle Pack

Price (€) Added:
Finding Dory


Dory & Nemo 0.99 €

Version 1.3


Complete The

Finding Dory Set

Marlin, Pearl, Squirt,

Sheldon, & Tad

13.99 € Version 1.3
Complete The Alice

Through The Looking

Glass Set

White Queen & Bayard 1.99 € Version 1.3

Pirates Of The

Caribbean Mini-Pack

Will Turner & Elizabeth Swann 0.99 € Version 1.4


Complete The Pirates Of

The Caribbean Set

Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann,

Joshamee Gibbs, Tia Dalma,

James Norrington, 100 coins,

& 100 pixel coins

16.99 € Version 1.4


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