Luau Stitch is an Epic Lilo & Stitch figure.

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Classic Characters
Lilo | Mertle | Nani | David Kawena | Mrs. Hasagawa | The Ugly Duckling
Rare Characters
Stitch | Pleakley | Jumba | Captain Gantu
Epic Characters
Super Hero Stitch | Cobra Bubbles | Grand Councilwoman | Scrump | Ukulele Stitch
Secret Characters
Space Suit Stitch | Ice Cream Man | Bullfrog | Prisoner Jumba | Mosquito | Rescue Lady | Chef Stitch
Weekend Challenge Characters
Hawaiian Shirt Jumba | Earth Day Stitch | Witch Lilo | Vampire Stitch
Bundle/Ticket Machine Characters
Luau Lilo | Luau Stitch | Luau Mertle
Upcoming Characters
Elvis Stitch | Elf Wendell | Santa Jumba

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