Mickey Mouse & Friends is a world in Disney Crossy Road. It is considered the main world out of all the worlds in Disney Crossy Road.




The Mickey Mouse & Friends theme world takes place in the normal Disney Crossy Road environment. Light green grassy medians are broken up by streets busy with passing cars, railroad tracks with intermittent trains, and rivers with floating logs. Everything in the Mickey Mouse & Friends’ world has a black cartoon outline and bobs up and down to the sound of the Mickey Mouse March playing in the background.

When the player doesn't move for too long, an eagle will appear catching up the character and ending the round of gameplay. This world contains 44 characters at the moment with 11 more to be added, and is considered the main world of the game since it has the primary character of the game and Disney in general, Mickey.

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Mickey Logo
Classic Characters
Mickey | Polka Dot Minnie | Goofy | Clarabelle | Horace
Rare Characters
Blue Dress Minnie | Donald | Daisy | Pete
Epic Characters
Pluto | Willie the Giant | Steamboat Willie
Diamond Characters
Debonair Mickey | Elegant Minnie
Secret Characters
Fifi | Chip | Dale | Mortimer | Detective Casey | Chief O'Hara | Butch | Golden Harp | Magician Mickey | Train Conductor Pete | The Band Concert Mickey | Clock Cleaners Goofy | Peter Pig
Weekend Challenge Characters
Steamboat Minnie | Father Time
Bundle/Ticket Machine Characters
Holiday Mickey | Holiday Minnie | Leprechaun Mickey | Leprechaun Minnie | Leprechaun Donald | Easter Minnie | Easter Goofy | Easter Donald | Earth Day Mickey | Earth Day Dale | Earth Day Chip | Elf Donald | Elf Daisy | Nutcracker Goofy | Reindeer Pluto | Snow Monster Pete
Upcoming Characters
Safari Mickey | Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey | Broom | Max Goof | Oswald | Ortensia | Fanny | Classic Mickey | Classic Minnie

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