The Moana Update is the eighth update for Disney Crossy Road. It added 28 new figures.



Hop into the 8-bit world of Lalotai by Disney's animated movie Moana! Explore the Realm of Monsters with new figures like Moana, Maui, Pua, Heihei, and more! Dodge frog monsters, eight eyed bats, and more unusual monsters, plus keep and eye out for geysers that might shoot you back up to the human world!

New Figures

Discover new figurines, half of which are secret unlocks! (Psst... wouldn't want to wreck this wedding for you)

New Figures


Lion King

Wreck it Ralph

Jungle Book

  • Gray (Weekend Challenge)
  • Raksha (Weekend Challenge)

Big Hero 6

Alice Through the Looking Glass

Haunted Mansion


  • This update was going to be released on November 24, 2016 but the update came out a week early due to Disney wanting the update to be released with the international release of Moana.

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