Monsters, Inc. is a world in Disney Crossy Road. It was released on September 1st, 2016.




The Monsters, Inc. world takes place in the streets of Monstropolis, at night. All the cars are replaced with small purple cars, tall yellow cars, cyan cars with a tail on the back, red cars, news surveillance vans, C.D.A. vans, and the C.D.A. themselves. In addition to logs an orange monster, a monster eye and a grey monster which will eat you if you approach its head will also appear. Trains now have a Monsters Incorporated logo on them. Lampposts, mailboxes, and garbage cans also appear around the stage. Various different billboards, and buildings will appear in the background of the stage. Trees and bushes are now red and orange, lilypads are now blue. Every so often a "spotlight" will appear and move around the stage, walking into it will make the C.D.A. take away the player. The Lack of Time Death for this theme is a C.D.A. Helicopter. There are currently 23 figures in this theme with 2 more to be released.


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Monsters, inc logo
Classic Characters
Boo | Smitty | Needleman | Waxford | C.D.A. Agent
Rare Characters
Mike | Celia | Flint | Mr. Waternoose | George
Epic Characters
Sulley | Randall | Roz
Secret Characters
Phlegm | Tony | Sim Kid | Garbage Cube | Harley | Spike
Weekend Challenge Characters
Fungus | Boo in Costume | Agent 001 | Charlie
Bundle/Ticket Machine Characters
Santa Sulley
Upcoming Characters
Abominable Snowman