The Mulan update is the tenth update for Disney Crossy Road. It adds 43 new Figurines


LET'S GET DOWN TO BUSINESS unlock Mulan! Hop your way through the celebration at the Imperial City and dodge party goers and shopping kiosks along the way! Collect new figurines like Mulan, Mushu, Yao, Ling, Chien-Po and more!


Collect and unlock up to 15 figurines from other worlds! (Need a hint? Perhaps you'll find some familiar faces, in the Emperor's Palace...)

New Figures



  • Tamatoa (Weekend Challenge)
  • Eel (Weekend Challenge)

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Monsters Inc.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Finding Dory


  • The Long awaited Ticket Machine arrived in this update
  • This update was in celebration of the Chinese New Year.

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