An important feature in the game, are the 8-bit musics. To each worlds, its 8-bit music and sometimes to each character, its 8-bit music. Those musics are based off the real musics from the Disney movies which makes the game even more fascinating and enjoyable.

Music Franchise Figures
Mickey Mouse Club March Mickey Mouse & Friends All Figures except Holiday Mickey, Holiday Minnie, Elf Donald, Reindeer Pluto, Nutcracker Goofy, Elf Daisy, and Snow Monster Pete
Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy Mickey Mouse and Friends Holiday Mickey, Holiday Minnie, Elf Donald, Reindeer Pluto, Nutcracker Goofy, Elf Daisy, and Snow Monster
You Got a Friend in me Toy Story All Figures except Spanish Buzz
Spanish Buzz Theme Toy Story Spanish Buzz
I Just Can't Wait to be King The Lion King All Figures
Something That I Want Tangled All Figures
Grim Grinning Ghosts Haunted Mansion All Figures
Bundle of Joy Inside Out All Figures
A Bunny Can Go Savage Zootopia All Figures except Gazelle, Officer Clawhauser, Christmas Clawhauser, or Mr. Big
Try Everything Zootopia Gazelle, Officer Clawhauser, and Christmas Clawhauser
Mr. Big Theme Zootopia Mr. Big
The Bare Necessities The Jungle Book Baloo and Classic Baloo
I Wanna Be Like You The Jungle Book King Louie and Classic King Louie
Trust In Me The Jungle Book Kaa
White Rabbit Alice Through The Looking Glass All Figures
Finding Dory Theme Finding Dory All Figures
A Pirate's Life For Me (Yo Ho, Yo Ho) Pirates Of The Carribean Auctioneer, Tiny, Prison Dog, Stray Cat, And Helmsman
If I Didn't Have You Monsters, Inc. All Figures
One Jump Ahead Aladdin All Figures except Gazeem, Beggar Jafar, and Golden Scarab Beetle
Arabian Nights Aladdin Gaze, Beggar Jafar, and Golden Scarab Beetle
What's This? The Nightmare Before Christmas All Figures
Shiny Moana All Figures except Moana, Maui, Chief Tui, Sina, Pua, and Gramma Tala
How Far I'll Go Moana Moana
You're Welcome Moana Maui
Where You Are Moana Chief Tui, Sina, Pua, and Gramma Tala
Honor to Us All Mulan All Figures
Incredits The Incredibles All Figures
Be Our Guest Beauty and the Beast All Figures
Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride Lilo and Stitch All Figures


  • The 8-bit themes in the worlds' Big Hero 6, The Jungle Book, and Pirates of the Caribbean (except while playing as the ride characters) are original and contain no elements from the films. This means that the music pieces in the game are not in the Disney movies, but, instead, inspired by them.

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