Pirates Of The Caribbean is a world in Disney Crossy Road released for the Pirates Of The Caribbean Update.

Playable Characters


The Pirates Of The Caribbean theme world takes place on various different ships. Cars have been replaced by pigs, donkeys, and pirates. The obstacles in this world are barrels, bells, bales of hay, and buckets.

Bridges will appear leading to other ships, although all looking the same. On the bridges, mermaids will sometimes swim by and jump over the bridge. If you get hit by a mermaid, she will take you, thus ending the round. Treasure Chests will also randomly appear around the map and upon collecting one, you will gain twenty points.

When the player doesn't move for too long, one of the Kracken's tentacles will appear, catching up to the character and ending the round of gameplay. This world contains 47 characters at the moment, the most of any world.

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Classic Characters
Will Turner | Elizabeth Swann | Joshamee Gibbs | Tia Dalma | James Norrington | Marty | Cotton | Auctioneer | Carina Smyth | Henry Turner | Captain Salazar | Mullroy | Pirate With Pigs
Rare Characters
Bootstrap Bill Turner | Treasure Chest | Blackbeard | Nurse Carina Smyth | Straw Hat Henry Turner | Shansa
Epic Characters
Jack Sparrow | Hector Barbossa | Angelica | Pink Dress Carina Smyth | Red Coat Henry Turner | Cloaked Shansa
Secret Characters
Pintel | Ragetti | Tiny | Prison Dog | Helmsman | Stray Cat | Ghost Shark | Ghost Seagull | Murtogg
Weekend Challenge Characters
Davy Jones | Maccus | Philip Swift | Syrena | Skeleton Jack Sparrow | Redhead | Trident Ghost Captain Salazar | Young Jack Sparrow | Cursed Will Turner | Purple Coat Hector Barbossa
Bundle/Ticket Machine Characters
Ghost Magda | Ghost Lesaro | Ghost Captain Salazar