This article is about the Nightmare Before Christmas Santa Claus variant of Jack Skellington. For other uses, see Santa Claus (disambiguation)

Santa Jack is an Enchanted figurine part of The Nightmare Before Christmas collection.


Watch out for snowballs! (not used in game)


Santa Jack is Jack Skellington in his "Sandy Claws" costume. He is wearing a red hat, a red jacket, a belt, red pants, and black boots. He is holding a green present with a red bow.


While you hop along the stage, Lock, Shock, and Barrel throw snowballs at you.

Like every other Enchanted figurine, Santa Jack can pick up ten pixels a day, along with yellow and red coins.



  • Santa Jack is one of two variants of Jack Skellington. The other is the unreleased Pumpkin King Jack.
  • For some reason, Santa Jack is slightly shorter than Jack Skellington, despite both figurines depicting Jack Skellington.

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