Stars are a way of upgrading figurines either to achieve a boost for the figurine's coin, pixel, or ticket collection, or to get a ticket bonus. The first upgrade you make on a figurine costs 250 PixelIcon, and doubles for each new upgrade (i.e. 250, 500, 1000, 2000, etc.).

Each figurine has a certain number of maximum upgrades based on their rarity. Classic figurines can only get one upgrade, rare figurines can get two upgrades, epic figurines can get three upgrades, legendary figurines can get four upgrades, enchanted figurines can get five upgrades, and diamond figurines can get six upgrades.

The number of upgrades you have made is also used to unlock certain diamond figurines (i.e. Elegant Minnie requires 150 Star to unlock).

Boosts and Bonuses

Upgrade # Boost / Bonus
1 +10 Tickets
2 +25% Coins
3 2x Coins
4 +250 Tickets
5 2x Pixels
6 2x Tickets

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