• A run through history

    Hi, I want to know what characters you would add to the Mickey Mouse and Friends set, their unlock method, their rarity and stuff like that

    I have a few

    • Chernabog (Haunts the Night on Bald Mountain) (Epic) (Hop 100 times in one round with Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey
    • Lady Liberty (Classic) (Find her with Father Time)
    • Whaler Goofy (Classic) Daily Missions)

    What do you think ?

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  • A run through history

    If the Rescuers come to DCR, Here is what I would want it to look like

    Environment: Australia or The Bayou (depending on which characters)

    Music: Someone's waiting for you

    Obstacles: Crocodiles, trucks, more

    Train: Riverboat 


    • Bernard
    • Miss Bianca
    • Penny
    • Rufus
    • Sparky
    • Jake


    • Brutus (Snap at obstacles)
    • Madame Medusa (Find the Devil's eye)
    • Mr. Snoops (Madame watches you closely)
    • Marahute (Soar into the sky)
    • McLeach (Your 'friend's watch you)


    • Chairmouse (Of the Rescue Aid Society) (Rescue Aid Society Song plays)
    • Orville (Flight for the Society)
    • Deacon Owl (Light up fireworks


    • Joanna (Complete the Heroes of the Rescuers set)
    • If you have more ideas please put in setion below
    • ==Ideas==
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