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    Hey everyone! I know this is not DCR related but next week I will be premiering the pilot episode of my new series on youtube called Ham: The Series, is about a Hamburger Family that lives in Hamville. Ham Burger the father works in a bank, Holley Burger the mother lives being a babysitter, Hamilton Jr the Greater son is 6 years old, Haylee the daughter that is 5 years old and DeeDee the youngest daughter who is 1 year old...They will live the most wondeerful adventures but essentially in family! Stay tuned cause tommorrow or on Wednesday I will post a teaser, If I like the result I will continue if not well I will continue thinking...Hope you support me, I tried to do the character on 8-bit to look similar to DCR but looked creepy :)

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  • American Kart

    Hello, and welcome to an idea I came up with the Weekly Bulletin...Here I will post the most impactating news of the week, obviously by our reporter Me, lets begin

    April 4th, 2017

    • 1st Edition

    This new can be old, but almost 6 days ago was revealed by Gogobell that the user Ordidug is a new trustable source that hacked DCR Data...Was previously known that Ordidug was a perfect Fan-Made Modeler and some days after the Lilo & Stitch Fan-Made world model created by him, the Admin Gogobell revealed the new.

    If you have a new inform us..this is all for today and thank you!

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  • American Kart


    • Pearl
    • Ms. Squarepants
    • Mr. Squarepants
    • Old Jenkins
    • Patchy The Pirate


    • Perch Perkins ( Always Reporting)
    • Sea Bear (SCARY...)
    • Princess Mandy (Your dad chases you)
    • Officer Jhon (Police Cars see you)
    • Flatts (He will kick your butt)
    • Ms. Puffs (Inflates)


    • Sandy (Creates)
    • Sqidward (Tooks Clarinet)
    • Patrick (Who eats a krabby Patty at 3am?)
    • Spongebob (Im Ready)
    • Mr Krabs (Money!)


    • Gary (Finds Money faster)

    Secret Characters

    • Officer Nancy: Find her While playing as Officer Jhon)
    • Sam: Eat 50 Patties as Patrick
    • Potty: Get hit 5 times by a car while playing as Patchy
    • Plankton: Find the secret formula while playing as Mr Krabs
    • Karen: Complete Daily Missions
    • King Neptune: Find him while playing as Mandy


    • Marissa Benson
    • Pam Pucket
    • T-Bo
    • Guppy


    • Principal Fr…

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  • American Kart

    Future of FireTorch

    February 3, 2017 by American Kart

    Tommorow the comoany gives a HUGE step

    *First Official Póster *A new proyect will be revealed *More Models *THE FIRST TRACK *Name of some minigames *All countries and carácters will be revealed

    Stay tuned tomorrow!

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  • American Kart

    American Kart

    January 19, 2017 by American Kart

    Hi I am Eljuan now called American Kart Here is some info. about the upcoming game

    FireTorch Inc. Creator of the game let me to say some spoilers and details about the game

    This game is possible thanks to 30 people that works togheter, Here are some of the people that make this happen.

    Mariana Orjuela

    David Molina

    Daniel Moreno

    Sara Vega

    Cesar Ronaldo

    Angelica Stripper

    Daniella Rodriguez

    Gina Samaca

    German Garnica

    Alexander Lopez

    The release date is unknown yet but the first teaser trailer is coming up in Middle February

    At the moment there are 515 characters and counting some of they are:

    -Donald Trump

    -Barack Obama

    -Hilary Clinton

    -Enrique Peña Nieto

    -Queen Elizabet ll

    -Malcolm Turnbull

    -Juan Manuel Santos

    -Ghost Fidel Castro

    -Ghost Hugo Chavez

    -Nicolas Maduro


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