American Kart, Some spoilers

Hi I am Eljuan now called American Kart Here is some info. about the upcoming game

FireTorch Inc. Creator of the game let me to say some spoilers and details about the game

This game is possible thanks to 30 people that works togheter, Here are some of the people that make this happen.

Mariana Orjuela

David Molina

Daniel Moreno

Sara Vega

Cesar Ronaldo

Angelica Stripper

Daniella Rodriguez

Gina Samaca

German Garnica

Alexander Lopez

Release Date

The release date is unknown yet but the first teaser trailer is coming up in Middle February


At the moment there are 515 characters and counting some of they are:

-Donald Trump

-Barack Obama

-Hilary Clinton

-Enrique Peña Nieto

-Queen Elizabet ll

-Malcolm Turnbull

-Juan Manuel Santos

-Ghost Fidel Castro

-Ghost Hugo Chavez

-Nicolas Maduro

-Santa Claus Maduro

-Michelle Obama

-Pia Wurtznatch

-Paulina Vega

- Ghost Simon Bolivar

- Michelle Bachellet

-Mauricio Macri

-Raul Castro

-Evo Morales

-Vladimir Putin

-Liudmila Putina

-George Bush (both)

-Policarpa Salavarrieta

and more...


There are 57 tracks and counting and some of they are


-New York





-Washington DC

-Buenos Aires

-Mexico City






-El Cairo

-Amazonas Jungle

-and more...


There are 100 countries and here are some:





-New Zealand






-South Africa

-and more...

Little Spoilers

-The game will have a total of 53 diferent mingames and 20 tournaments

-The Game will be available on App Store, Android, Windows (And X-Box but that is subject to change)

-There are NOT pay only bundles or characters

-There will be Christmas and Halloween characters that are already designed

-The Currency of the game depends on the season for ex. Candies in Halloween and Gifts in Christmas

-The name of the game changes in each country

-The first character to be unlocked will be Juan Manuel Santos

-There are Daily Missions, but you dont win figurines, you win tracks

-Some tracks are Pay-only like Dubai and Venecia

Remember American Kart IS COMING....

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