Hello, and welcome to an idea I came up with the Weekly Bulletin...Here I will post the most impactating news of the week, obviously by our reporter Me, lets begin

April 4th, 2017

  • 1st Edition

New Hacker Revealed

This new can be old, but almost 6 days ago was revealed by Gogobell that the user Ordidug is a new trustable source that hacked DCR Data...Was previously known that Ordidug was a perfect Fan-Made Modeler and some days after the Lilo & Stitch Fan-Made world model created by him, the Admin Gogobell revealed the new.

Did you surprise when you knew this last week?

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The poll will close next week when the new bulletin come out

Lilo & Stitch Update

Everyone in the wikia is crossing fingers for the update to come out, and yeah Lilo, Stitch and all their friends will have an 8-bit experience, this april the first Disney Post-Renaissance moviie will turn 8-bit arriving with a lot of new characters and features

Are you excited for April Update?

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Movie Crossover-y Road

Everyone should know that Gogobell and Diamond are working on a great idea, and yeah its this...A lot of Non-Disney Movies joined to have a 8 bit experience, and why does Disney Have all fun?

Fan-Made Model of the Week

Every week I will open a poll for the best Fan-Made of the week, obviously every week has a category, and this week I chose.....LILO & STITCH (I will only choose 5 models)

Fan-Made of the Week Poll

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If you have a new inform us..this is all for today and thank you!