Since a frozen world is coming next year I decided to speculate about it


Baby Troll Mama Troll Grand Troll Young Anna Young Elsa Young Kristoff King of arendell Queen of arendell Anna's horse (I forgot the name) Hans's horse (I forgot the name) Little snowman (from frozen fever) Oaken

Rare: Hans (Show of sword fighting skills) Anna (Build snowman) Elsa (Use your powers) Coronation Elsa(Become the queen) Coronation Anna (eat chocolate) Duke of Weaslton (Likes to dance)

Epic: Olaf (DONT LET HIM MELT!) Sven (He likes carrots. What do they do!) Marshmallow (Scare arendell citizens) Kristoff (Go sledding)

Weekend Challenge:

Wedding Kristoff Wedding Anna



Frozen Anna (Collect the Snow Cold! Set) {Elsa,Marshmellow,Olaf and little snowman} Wolf (Collect the Villans of Arendelle set) {Hans,Duke of Weaslton,Marshmellow} Birthday Suprise Elsa (Collect the Heroes of Arendelle set){Anna,Elsa,Kristoff,Olaf,Sven} birthday suprise Anna (Find 20 gifts with Birthday Suprise Elsa)

Rare: Oaken's Mother {Find Oaken Sauna with Birthday Suprise Elsa And Oaken unlocked} Relax in Oaken Sauna Weaslton's Soilder #1 {Daily Missions} Weaslton Soilder #2 {Daily Mission}


Sleigh #1 Sleigh #2 Skating Anna Skating Elsa Jingle Bells Anna Jungle Bells Elsa Summer Olaf Pigeon Ice Man #1 Ice Man #2 Teenage Anna Teenage Elsa Ice block

Location: Arendelle and Elsa's mountain

Song: Do you wanna a build a snowman Let It go (When playing as Elsa) For the first time in forever (When playing as Anna and corrination Anna) In summer (When playing with Olaf) Reindeer are better than people (Sven and Kristoff) Frozen Heart (Young Kirstoff,ice block and ice men) Fixer upper (All trolls and wedding Anna and Kristoff)

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