So Hoakadi Demi already made a video but I decided to expand in it and let me tell you this has a TON of characters

Classic: Candy Grenda Sherriff Blubs Deputy Derland Bud Gleeful Young Ford Young Stan Karaoke Candy Karaoke Grenda The Hide Behind Ma Ghost Pa Ghost Lamb Dipper Gnome monster Golf Cart Lilapitians (I will have several Lilaputtians) Zombies Norman Pacifica Robbie Toby Nate Lee Thompson Saundra Preston

Rare: Dipper (Read a book) Mabel (wear diffrent sweaters) [I might change her to Epic later] Wendy (Just chill) Stanley pines (Shoplift through life) Shapeshifter (Shape shift into many things) Zombie Agent Powers (Show your ID to citizens) Soos (Be yourself) Agent Triggers (Master of disguises) Norman (Eat Jam) Gnome King Shmebulock (Puke rainbows) Waddles (Play around) Deputy Derland (LOVES BLUBBS) Sherrief Blubbs (LOVES DERLAND) Old Man Mcgucket (Your Crazy!?)

Epic: Bill Cipher (Create insanity) Blendin Blandin (Travel through time) Standford Pines (Play D,D and D)


Classic: Lamb Dipper (Collect the Growing Up set) Pacifica's gold trainer (Daily mission) Young Wendy (Find with Blendin Blandin) Young Tambry (Find with Blendin Blandin) Young Robbie (Find with Blendin Blandin) Young Dipper (Find with Blendin Blandin) Young Soos (Find with Blendin Blandin) Young Mabel (Find with Blendin Blandin)

Rare: Clay Star (Find with Clay Monster) Clay Monster (Find with Clay Soos) Clay Soos (Find with Yarn Lady) Yarn Lady (Find with Tourist girl) Tourist girl (Find with Darlene) Darlene (Find with Stan) <Transform>

Epic: Time Baby (Collect all the Epic,rare,and classic normal non secret characters) <Drink your time sand>

Upcoming: Filbrick Pines Teen Stan Teen Ford Young Stan Young Ford Winter Stan Thanksgiving Mabel Society of the blind eye member Bipper Dipper puppet Stan puppet Mabel puppet Wendy Puppet Gave puppet Soos puppet Candy puppet Grenda puppet Gabe Mermando Several Time members Young Tyler Tyler Mayor The love god

Weekend Challenge 1#

100 Coins Lazy Susan 500 Pixels Blind Ivan

Weekend Challenge 2#

100 coins Wax Stan 500 pixels Fishing Stan

Weekend Challenge 3# 100 coins Sergei 500 pixels Shacktron

More characters coming soon!!!!!!

Song: Main theme (Taking over midnight) when you collect a boom box sweater with Mabel (Goat and the pig) when collect a rainbow sweater (Gideon song) Gideon,Bud or when Mabel with Mabel sweater or Lamma sweater (We'll meet again) when playing as bill (Sock opera song) when playing as game benson or Mabel with yarn unicorn sweater (Lambs dance) when playing with Lamb Dipper (Good deeds) when playing with Mabel in unicorn sweater

Out of time death: Portal

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