So here is my second progress report. I crammed a lot of thigns into here so yeah lets begin. Alot, of you guys think the Nightmare update was better but I think Moana was better and here is why

Why Moana is a GREAT update

One word community. Thanks to this update and CrossyCrossyCrossy the community is back! I felt nightmare Before christmas was a little bland because the only gameplay mechanic was a reskinned Zootopia Limo which kinda dissapointed me but now the communtiy came  BACK and with the community back I AM BACK TOO.

What DCR is doing wrong

1. They are missing crossy road police car (This is just my opinion tho)

2.Resuing Abilities

What bothers me is that DCR has a habbit of redoing abilities. How many times have you heard a discription like makes the ground shake, makes a party,slices objects

3. It pretends to have a cool ability 

Some rares and even epics have a discription that sayd Cute and then has to power. Characters like Imganiary boyfriend had powers but look at Heathcliff's description and he does NOTHING

4.Missing Key characters fom movies

Mr and Mrs Potato Head,Charlie and Jenny ect...) yet Blue racer MAKES THE CUT

5. Lacking Gameplay Mechanics

Weekend Challenges

Weekend Challenges are getting better it feels and I have no idea why. Anyway here are the new characters

Jubngle Book - Gray and Rakshacka

Big hero 6 - Megabot and Fantasy Fred

Alice - Boogrove and chestire cat

Haunted Mansion - Constance and hatvbox ghost

Wreck It ralph - Santa Wralph and Elf Venelope

Go subscribe to Disney Dan as he was the one who made a video on this and he is just AWESOME


Why Star Wars Crossy Road coudl be a bad thing

I am all in for a star wars crossy road but then I am afraid that they will stop giving gameplay mechanics to DCR but fingers crossed.

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