NOTE THIS IS A JOKE AND NONE OF THIS SHOULD BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY I ONLY MADE THIS CAUSE I FELT LIKE IT. (I don't care for this movie but if you do. I respect your opinion)


Stupid Bland Worthless Terrible Mean Why does this even exist? Classic Rare Epic Legendary Enchanted

Mal the stereotype - Bland

Evie the boy crazy woman - Stupid

Jay the cliche athlete - Bland

Carlos the unique person - LEGENDARY (Finally he has a unique personality)

Jane the follower - Classic

Audrey the diva - Bland

Mal in a stupid cash grab dress - Worthless

Jordan the lamp collecter - Rare

Maleficent the mean mother - Enchanted

Evil queen the mirror diva - Bland

Cruela da Vil the fashionista - Rar

e Jafar - WHY DOES THIS EVEN EXIST (He is already in the game!?)

Jane the dress ripper who hates cruelas creations that killed dogs to make so she is wasting cloth that means killing dogs to get more - Worthless stereotype

Cookie In a bag - Enchanted

Chocolate chip - Epic

Tear - Epic

Lonnie - Bland (Mulan rip off)

Ally - WHY DIES THIS EXIST (people say her last name is now "In Wonder land for some stupid reason)

Redo button - Best Thing EVAR (then this will never exist)

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