If you dont understand what this is then it wasnt made for you but you are welcome to see


Sirius black (he can turn into a black dog) Lupin (he is a werewolf) Bellatrix (I am his most loyal follower)


Peter Pettigrew (He van turn into a rat) James Potter (He can turn into a stag) Fluer Bill Arthur (Likes muggle things) Molly (Dont get her mad) Charlie Fred (He is a real prankster) Goerge (He is missing an ear!)


Trelawny Fiernze Aycros Carrow Kingsley Shackbolt Cho chang Professor Binns

Weekend Challenges

Enchanted Characters:

Dementor Mad eye moody Doloros Umbridge Yule ball hermione Wedding dress Fluer


Young lupin Young James Young Sirius Yule ball harry Wedding bill

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