So you know me as the creator of

- Guess The Figureine - Guess The Figureine: 20 questions

And even tho I will probably add at least One more game in that series I want to start some new games on the wikia and here are some ideas and it is your job as a community to either accept them or veto them and I will make the blog post for them.

Figureines to Figureines

I am a little skeptical of having this be a real wikia game but Someone will be the dealer and give everyone 7 Figureine cards and the dealer will choose an adjective and he gets to choose whatever best describes the word but I see many flaws with this idea.

1. It will be hard to tell people their cards in secret 2. Player will become inactive and not get a chance to play or we wait days for their response 3.The dealer could do favoritism

Guess The Figurine: Spot It

So this game is where someone takes the model of a figureine and puts it in a collage with many other Figureines and the community gets to ask 3 yes'm or no questions (similar to 20 questions) And guess someone from the collage.(which narrows it down) and each member can only guess 3 times. Although This is kinda a weird idea so...

Guess the Figureine: Close Up

In this game the Editor takes a Figurine and zooms in on the figure so it is hard to tell who it is and each member as has 1-3 guesses (I have not decided) to guess the figure.

So here is my first batch of game ideas. I kinda think some of these are weird but I want to throw as many ideas out there so we can expand the Fun and Games board. Stay tuned for more Game idea blogs like this.

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