here is what I think the weekend challenges might look like

Weekend Challenge 4 - Wreck It Ralph

Breath Mint and Tuxedo Ralph

Weekend Challenge 5 - Alice Through the looking glass

Borogrove and Chestire Cat

Weekend Challenge 6 - Aladdin

Geine Jafar and Prince Ali

Weekend Challenge 7 - Monsters Inc.

Fungus and Boo in costume

Weekend Challenge 8 - Toy Story

Peas in a Pod and Pricklepants

Weekend Challenge 9 - Jungle Book

Raksha and Gray

Weekend Challenge 10 - Zootopia

Duke Weaselton and Fru Fru

other random pairs coming soon

Sarge and Alien

Dream Derector and Rainbow Unicorn

Cupcake Ralph/Blue Racer and Turbo

Charlie and Jelly fish/Angler Fish

Megabot and Baymax Super Suit

Hatbox Ghost and Constance the Bride

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