Each idea starts out with an idea like all ideas some need to be dropped and canceled. One day a villain of mass power tried to get his world deleted . Luckily that universe had heroes that tried so hard to save it but hard times test us more than we could be tested

The congregation of Heroes tried to find and destroy this villain but, we need to go back to the beginning of the adventure and start from scratch

"Alice through the looking glass has fallen" the leader Mickey said "who is causing these attacks ?" Aladin said "Well me you pesky fools now whoever has the portal staff will hand it over or suffer at my hands" said a shadowy figure "Well we don't have it" stated Wreck it Ralph just then the figure blasted Ralph out of existence! Mr Incredible opened a portal and told Belle to find heroes big enough to save the multiverse , and pushed her through.

On POTC Dead men tell no tales world an innocent man not knowing there were other universes out there was infiltrating a pirate ship in search of materials to live of of his name was Henry Turrner he met a ghost pirate named Lesaro and they had a sword fight Lesaro won but then a portal opened not knowing what he was walking in to Henryjumped in. He was in a strange jungle inviornment and ran for cover Turrner found shelter in ruins. A monkey jumped down and captured him. The monkey King,King Louie wanted to be like Henry.Henry did not like the idea of teaching a MONKEY to be a human so, he resisted but the king still wanted to be a man. He decided to eat Henry but, Belle landed there and Fought Louie.

In the end Belle won and her and Henry ran off to find a way out

Henry:Just who on the world are you Belle:Belle leader of the Buety and the beast world

Just then Shere Khan jumped out at Henry and put one of his claws near his neck and said "Ah belle you escaped, My friend banished all the rest to The Land of the Unreleased never to be seen again so give up " She threw a book at Shere Khan and said"never" unfortunately Shere Khan's claw went across Henry's neck harming him

A portal opened Shere Khan jumped though Belle and Henry knew it was calling them so they tried to jump through but failed and landed in mud. Belle tried to get the portal staff but, it was gone Shere Khan had it. They knew it was game over.

Who is the real villain? Why does he or her need the staff? Where is the hideout? How can Henry and Belle get off the Jungle book world? What is happening ?

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