Privously on Dcr story mode

The council of heroes destroyed Belle and Henrey Turrner stuck on Planet Jungle Book ,Shere Khan has the portal blade ,and no one to trust

Will the heroes ever escape

(theme song is the 8-bit theme wor each world while highlighting their character Henrey, Belle, Stitch, Mulan , Baymax and Violet)

"We will never escape from the Jungle world. It is hopeless might as well let the monkey eat us" Henrey said Belle then added "Each world has o portal blade and if one can gather them in one place " Belle said right before being released into a portal

"Ow" they both said simultaneously.Just then a Robot activated and said "Hello I am Baymax your personal health care companion" Belle and Henry stared at each other. "Do not be alarmed" Belle pushed Baymax out of the way and into a pile of Hiro's books and was disappointed that they were not back in her world there she could get help.

They agreed to work with this new friend and team up to save the multiverse "What have your adventures been like with the Heroes club" Baymax said Belle then said" I don't like to talk about them ...... Now that they are you know gone Hiro went to " Baymax was silent

The tro searched all this realm for th portal blade. But that was before Emporer Zurg came to take the portal blade "mwahaaa" Zurg said "My realm destroyed mow I come for this one

Zurg took the first shot with his ion blaster at Baymax missing Baymax got in his super suit. He used his rocket fist to destroy Zurg's armor. Henry decided to search for the portal blade. Only finding a map for the portal blades. He relished an bot fighter named Yama had it. They then went back to Hiro's house and build a robot. It took them a long week but the bot was complete "Now to beat Yama and get that portal blade." Belle said

After walking in to the bot fight arena they all heard Yama say "No one houses Yama "and he punched a innocent fighter Yama also said "Now who are you fools"

Will they beat Yama?

Can they escape ?

Who is the leader of the villain army?

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