Spoken Line Character

Portal Hub

Where are we going?
Henry Turner
To the relam that...
Carina Smyth
The only one Captain Salazar can cross into
Cursed Will Turner
I am I am positive there is another body in this portal.
Why is this relam so important?
Mrs. Incredible
It holds the trident of Poseidon.
Elizabeth Swann
What can it do?
He will lead an army of the dead of all 13 relams.
Henry Turner

In the Haunted Mantion Relam

Finally Will you came.
Ghost Captain Salazar
Cursed Will Turner
Salazar gets Magda and Lesaro to capture Will but then the figure Baymax was talking about came. `
Ghost Lesaro
Lesaro I thought you died
No thanks to you!
Ghost Lesaro
A shoddow-y figure shoots the remaining heroes with a dart and thay all fall asleep ~
Magda take them !!
Ghost Captain Salazar
I hurt my friends now what do you want me to do.
The shaddow-y figure comes out of the shadows to reveal herself to be Moana! ~
You are no longer neeeded leave her Lesaro!
Ghost Captain Salazar
What have I done
Moana Grass Headress
I dont know Moana ,first you leave us all and now you are working for salazar
Cursed Will Turner
Master We found it
Ghost Magda

Good hahahaha

it's mine

Ghost Captain Salazar

Salazar's Flashaback

Captain Salazar
Salazar I have come to end you!
Young Jack Sparrow
No I will end you!
Captain Salazar

Sparrow and Salazar fight and go on for 5 munites Sparrow eventually knocks Salazar off the ship where he is eaten by a shark



Captain Salazar

Regular World

Now it's mine!!!

Now all Dead obey me!!!

Trident Ghost Captain Salazar
It's been too long.
Spirit Mufasa
Has It been?

I say we end a relam


Mickey Mouse and Friends


In the Silent Mary 10 minutes later

I am free !!!!!!!!!!!
Trident Ghost Captain Salazar

In The last ten minutes this is the 50th time saying it.

Moana will free them and save us

Cursed Will Turner
Yep you loose
Hector Barbossa
Magda Feed Barboosato the shark!
Ghost Lesaro
NO NO NO!!!!!!
Hector Barbossa
Cursed Will Turner
Don't worry about me focus on stopping Salazar.
Hector Barbossa
What should I do?
Cursed Will Turner
Stay Strong Will ,stay strong.
Hector Barbossa

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