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Save the universe play as new Gardians of the Galaxy characters

Out of this world Weekend challenges

Superhero capeand put costumes on in this update Gardians of the Galaxy figures


Yondu(use the whistle arrow)

Star Lord(fly around and shoot)

Ego (turn into anything)


Gamora (use your swords

Ronin(find the infinity stone)

Nebula(Find Gamora)


Rocket Racoon




Taser face

The watchers

Cosmo the dog

Collector assistant

5 secret characters

Sakaran Soldier Rare(find infinity stone with ronin)

Thanos Diamond 300 stars

Ravager Rare Die as Yondu 18 times

Team together set Yondu,Star Lord,Drax,Gamora,Mantis,Rocket,Nebula(unlocks epic Groot)

Nova Corps officer -classic (find and fight Gamora as Nebula)

Tivan The Colector Diamond 500 tickets

Dancing Grooot Legendary 4.99$ multiples tickets by 2 and everyone can pick up 10 tickets a day.

Weekend Chalenges

We are the Gardians Challenge

Rare:Maskless Star Lord

Enchanted :Baby Groot

Be our Guest Challenge

Rare: Human Cadenza

Enchanted: Cadenza

Hero time challenge

Rare: baymax's chatger

Enchanted: Armored Baymex

Other characters

Dashell Parr (find as Helen Parr)

Violet Parr (find as Bob Parr)

Gazerbeem (Die as Mr.Incredible

Classic Plumette Daily Missions

Reuben daily missions

Sparky Daily missions

Angel Daily Missions

Dr Hamsterveil Find as Gantu and Jumba

Summer Donald

Summer Mickey

Summer Daisy

Summer Minnie

Summer Pluto

Summer Goofy

Leave feedback and what update I should do next

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