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  • I live in Brasil
  • I was born on December 18
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
  • EricSonic

    I'll remove the Challenges section to make it easier for me to finish the episode.

    With Henry Turner's elimination, Edna tries to help Stitch in collecting the lost resources. Joy wanted to help too, and both allowed her to help. Suddenly, Honey Lemon started to hinder her team, by "accidentally" tripping on their campsites and destroying everything. Everyone at camp chose to eliminate her next. Mickey and Minnie called everyone to the Challenge Corner to a reward challenge. It was a blind race, that everyone can't see on the race. Present won the final reward challenge, with the next one being a CrosSurvivor auction.

    The immunity challenge will begin. It was the elimination roulette. Present won, finally ending Superheroes' winning streak. …

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  • EricSonic

    • Immunity Challenge:Falling Things
      • The contestants have to escape from falling objects. The team which has more contestants remaining will win.

    Winners: Superheroes

    Hiro and Honey Lemon chose to join the Superheroes' alliance, since they were now part of their team. Present somehow lost all of their resources, and Stitch and Henry Turner went to find all the resources they lost.

    The immunity challenge begins. It was to escape from falling objects from above. The team which have more contestants remaining will win. With only one team member standing, which was Dash, making the Superheroes win.

    At Tribal Council, Present will vote for who should leave.

    Voted For Votes Against
    Henry Turner Edna Mode, Lilo, Stitch
    Edna Mode Joy
    Lilo Henry Turner

    Henry Tu…

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  • EricSonic

    • Immunity Challenge: Boat Race
      • The contestants had their respective boats, and they have to get to the other side of the lake.

    Winners: Superheroes

    Stitch was so happy to be reunited with Lilo. On the mountain, Donald managed to trip over a rock and fall off of it. He was severely injured after that. Daisy told all of the team members of Present that Donald was injured after falling off the mountain, and she and Donald would not be part of the challenges, and show it to the hosts at Tribal Council. Dash managed to set a world record of the fastest time of collecting resources, at 10 seconds. Everyone on his team congratulated him.

    The immunity challenge would begin, but Daisy and Donald stayed at camp, because she would see Donald if he is okay. …

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  • EricSonic

    • Reward Challenge: Code Breaker
      • The contestants had to break a code by themselves, by pressing buttons. Once they crack the code they would get the reward.

    Winners: Superheroes & Old or Short

    • Immunity Challenge: Block Pushing Maze
      • The contestants were put on a maze. They had to get out of it by pushing blocks, and they would find the way out of the maze.

    Winners: Superheroes & Present

    Honey Lemon was so angry that she tried to find the idol quickly. She couldn't stand how her idol was stolen, and how she got to find a fake idol. And then, she finally found one. Frozone now wanted to enter Mr. Incredible's aliance. He allowed Frozone to enter his alliance. All of the Old or Short are thinking that if there would be a switch, they would be dissolve…

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  • EricSonic

    Fan Update: Dinosaur

    June 10, 2017 by EricSonic

    This is my first fan update, Dinosaur. I think this is such an underrated movie, since it was a success, i decided to make a fan update. Also, should i make a world logo?

    Figure Name Rarity Description How to Unlock
    Aladar Epic The lemurs are watching you.

    Neera Rare Aladar is somewhere, but can you find him?

    Kron Rare Lead the herd of dinosaurs.

    Bruton Epic Watch the herd.

    Carnotaur Rare Watch out for Neera and Aladar!

    Plio Classic

    Yar Classic

    Zini Classic

    Suri Classic

    Eema Rare ​You are moving slowly.

    Baylene Epic ​Find some water.

    Url Classic

    Aladar's Mother Rare Find your eggs. Complete the Nesting Grounds set.
    Pteranodon Classic
    Die 5 times while playing as Aladar.
    Velociraptor Classic
    Complete the Lemur Island set.
    Icaronycteris Classic
    Find while playing …

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