Hello everyone, and here's the first episode of CrosSurvivor. I actually got ideas to do this after a while.

Well, here's the first episode!

All contestants


  • Reward Challenge: Cube Stack

The contestants had to stack cubes to get a folded piece of paper, which was a clue to the idol. Reward: Clue to the Idol

  • Immunity Challenge: Build the Flag

The contestants had to build their team flag. The best one wins.

  • Winniers: Superheroes & Present



The Manta Jet flies over Nomanisan island, and then it lands and drops the 18 contestants there, along with the hosts, Mickey and Minnie. The 18 contestants were divided into 3 teams. The first one was The Superheroes, with the Incredibles in it, and Frozone. But, there was a misfit there... Stitch somehow managed to enter the team, as Nani let both Lilo and Stitch enter the competition, but Lilo accidentally put Stitch on Superheroes. The second one was Present team, which had more recent releases, such as Inside Out and Big Hero 6, but Donald and Daisy actually applied to this team, since there will be a Ducktales reboot, and Donald asked Daisy if she would go with him, and she went with,him to compete, despite Daisy apparently not appearing in it, so she went with him. The final team was Old or Short. Since Henry Turner was the last one to apply, he entered the team. The contestants of each team have arrived at camp and set it up, and the first alliance was made. The first alliance was made, with most of the Superheroes team members, but Stitch and Frozone, so it was an alliance of four. The second alliance was an alliance of three, with Joy, Honey Lemon, and Fear. The third alliance was made which was an alliance of two, with Edna Mode and Lilo. The second alliance was very strong, but the third one was slightly weak.


The first reward challenge begins. They had to stack the most cubes. The first two teams that finish will get a reward. The Superheroes were about to win, with Old or Short losing. Because of this, they lost, and didn't get the reward. The reward was a clue to the idol.


he immunity challenge begins. It was that the teams had to build their flag. The Old or Short team lost again, with Superheroes and Present winning again. The losing team, which was Old or Short, will vote on someone to be voted off. At a 2-1-1-1-1 vote, Mr. Big was voted off. He was taken by the Manta Jet, and was forced to enter the Eliminated Shelter, where the voted out contestants stay at after being voted off.



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