• Immunity Challenge: Climb the Mountain
    • The Contestants had to climb the entirety of a mountain. They have to go fast, so the entire team wins. The team wins when the entire team reaches the top of the mountain.

Winners: Superheroes & Present



Edna Mode and Lilo target Stitch, and Edna tells him the dangers of wearing a cape. Lilo leaves Edna, and caused the alliance to dissolve. While trying to find the idol, Honey Lemon found it, but Violet stole it by being invisible. After stealing it, Violet ran away. Chip managed to find enough resources for his team, and Mrs. Incredible did so. Everyone would expect an immunity challenge now, but Mickey and Minnie confirmed that there would be a challenge tomorrow.


Mickey and Minnie called everyone to the Announcement Corner of the island and she said the immunity challenge would begin. It was to climb a mountain. When it began, Old or Short struggled to get to the top, but manage to pass the Superheroes. Because of this, the Superheroes team was far behind, but managed to catch up. Old or Short lost again, and then Mickey and Minnie said that they would go to Tribal Council tomorrow.


Old or Short attended the Tribal Council again. This time, it was a 3-1-1 vote, and Pascal was eliminated. He was sent to the eliminated shelter, and then he had to stay with Mr. Big. The remaining members returned to camp.



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