• Immunity Challenge: Relay Race

Four team members will race one by one. Once they reach the next team member, this team member will race until they reach the next one, and so on. They finish when the last one gets to the finish line.

  • Winners: Superheroes & Old or Short



Without a clue, Henry Turner managed to find his team's idol. He told the entire team that he found his team's idol without any clue. Everyone on his team congratulated him. Stitch made a fake idol in a few minutes and hid it somewhere in the island. Honey Lemon tried to find another idol, but she ended up finding Stitch's fake idol, and she didn't notice it was a fake one made to prank anyone who tried to find it. When Chip was finding resources, he started to hear strange noises coming from behind. Chip looked back, and he didn't see anything despite the strange noises he was hearing from behind.


The third immunity challenge would begin. It was a relay race. For the first time, Old or Short finally won a challenge. Superheroes also won. This means Present would be eliminating someone.


Mickey and Minnie called the Present team to Tribal Council. They would vote someone off. Honey Lemon played her "idol" made by Stitch, and Mickey noticed that the idol was different than the original one. When he noticed it, he took it from her hand and threw it into a fire.

Voted For Voters
Fear Joy, Honey Lemon, Donald
Honey Lemon Daisy, Fear
Joy Hiro Hamada

At a 3-2-1 vote, Fear was voted off. He was sent to the eliminated contestant shelter of the Manta Jet, and he had to stay with Mr. Big and Pascal.



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