• Reward Challenge: Code Breaker
    • The contestants had to break a code by themselves, by pressing buttons. Once they crack the code they would get the reward.

Winners: Superheroes & Old or Short

  • Immunity Challenge: Block Pushing Maze
    • The contestants were put on a maze. They had to get out of it by pushing blocks, and they would find the way out of the maze.

Winners: Superheroes & Present


DAY 10

Honey Lemon was so angry that she tried to find the idol quickly. She couldn't stand how her idol was stolen, and how she got to find a fake idol. And then, she finally found one. Frozone now wanted to enter Mr. Incredible's aliance. He allowed Frozone to enter his alliance. All of the Old or Short are thinking that if there would be a switch, they would be dissolved. Mickey and Minnie called everyone to the Challenge Corner to the reward challenge. They would break the code to the reward. They would get more resources once they finish. Superheroes and Old or Short won.

DAY 11

The immunity challenge would begin. The contestants have to escape from a maze by pushing blocks. The Superheroes managed to finish it fast enough before everyone else could. Present also managed to finish.

DAY 12

Mickey and Minnie called the Old or Short team to Tribal Council, and they would all vote.

Voted For Votes Against
Henry Turner (IDOL PLAYED) Edna Mode, Lilo, Chip (DOES NOT COUNT)
Chip Henry Turner

Chip was eliminated. Henry Turner was seen as a cheater by everyone, but he managed to play his idol. Because of this, Chip was voted off. He would be sent to the eliminated shelter of the Manta Jet.

After Tribal Council, they revealed that there would be a team switch. How they would look like will be shown at the "still in the running" section.



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