• Immunity Challenge: Boat Race
    • The contestants had their respective boats, and they have to get to the other side of the lake.

Winners: Superheroes


DAY 13

Stitch was so happy to be reunited with Lilo. On the mountain, Donald managed to trip over a rock and fall off of it. He was severely injured after that. Daisy told all of the team members of Present that Donald was injured after falling off the mountain, and she and Donald would not be part of the challenges, and show it to the hosts at Tribal Council. Dash managed to set a world record of the fastest time of collecting resources, at 10 seconds. Everyone on his team congratulated him.

DAY 14

The immunity challenge would begin, but Daisy and Donald stayed at camp, because she would see Donald if he is okay. The challenge was a boat racing challenge. Superheroes won, and Present would go to Tribal Council.

DAY 15

Mickey and Minnie called Present to Tribal Council. Daisy wanted to cancel it, since Donald was shown to be injured. Mickey and Minnie chose to do so, and then evacuated both Donald and Daisy. Everyone returned to their campsites.



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