• Immunity Challenge:Falling Things
    • The contestants have to escape from falling objects. The team which has more contestants remaining will win.

Winners: Superheroes


DAY 16

Hiro and Honey Lemon chose to join the Superheroes' alliance, since they were now part of their team. Present somehow lost all of their resources, and Stitch and Henry Turner went to find all the resources they lost.

DAY 17

The immunity challenge begins. It was to escape from falling objects from above. The team which have more contestants remaining will win. With only one team member standing, which was Dash, making the Superheroes win.

DAY 18

At Tribal Council, Present will vote for who should leave.

Voted For Votes Against
Henry Turner Edna Mode, Lilo, Stitch
Edna Mode Joy
Lilo Henry Turner

Henry Turner was eliminated and sent to the eliminated contestant shelter of the Manta Jet. Mickey and Minnie confirmed that after the next elimination, the teams would merge. After that, everyone returned to their campsites.



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