This is my first fan update, Dinosaur. I think this is such an underrated movie, since it was a success, i decided to make a fan update. Also, should i make a world logo?



Figure Name Rarity Description How to Unlock
Aladar Epic The lemurs are watching you.
Neera Rare Aladar is somewhere, but can you find him?
Kron Rare Lead the herd of dinosaurs.
Bruton Epic Watch the herd.
Carnotaur Rare Watch out for Neera and Aladar!
Plio Classic
Yar Classic
Zini Classic
Suri Classic
Eema Rare ​You are moving slowly.
Baylene Epic ​Find some water.
Url Classic
Aladar's Mother Rare Find your eggs. Complete the Nesting Grounds set.
Pteranodon Classic Die 5 times while playing as Aladar.
Velociraptor Classic Complete the Lemur Island set.
Icaronycteris Classic Find while playing as Bruton.
Albertosaurus Epic Find in a clearing as Neera.
Spinosaurus Enchanted Weekend Challenge
Oviraptor Classic Daily Mission
Parasaurolophus Rare Daily Mission
Quetzacoatlus Rare Weekend Challenge
Egg Classic Find Aladar while playing as Neera.

Weekend Challenges

Name World Rare Figure Enchanted Figure
Nesting Grounds Challenge Dinosaur Quetzacoatlus Spinosaurus
Motonui Challenge Moana Conch Shell Grass Headdress Moana
Jafar Challenge Aladdin Cobra Jafar Genie Jafar
Fantasia Challenge Mickey Mouse & Friends Broomstick Sorcerer Mickey
Himalayas Challenge Monsters, Inc. George Snowman

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