Here are some world ideas i thought about. More to be added soon.

Winnie The Pooh

Figure Name Rarity Description How to Unlock
Winnie the Pooh Classic
Tigger Epic ​Bounce over obstacles.
Piglet Epic ​Watch out for the windstorm!
Rabbit Rare ​Pick out carrots.
Kanga Classic
Roo Rare Kanga watches you while hopping. Complete the Heroes of The Hundred Acre Wood set.
Eeyore Classic
Owl Rare ​Tell a story.
Christopher Robin Classic
Woozle Classic
Gopher Classic
Lumpy Classic
Mama Heffalump Classic Find while playing as Lumpy.
Papa Heffalump Epic ​Lumpy and Mama Heffalump watch him. Find while playing as Papa Heffalump.
Kessie Rare ​Fly around.
The Backson Epic ​Don't get trapped on a pit!
Bees Classic Complete the Totally Not Villains set.
Squirrel Classic Daily Mission
Bug Rare Weekend Challenge
Balloon Enchanted Try to find Christopher Robin. Weekend Challenge


Figure Name Rarity Description How to Unlock
WALL-E Epic ​Compact obstacles.
EVE Epic ​Shoot obstacles and find a plant.
M-O Rare ​Clean everything.
Captain B. McCrea Epic ​Use your hoverchair.
GO-4 Classic
AUTO Enchanted Weekend Challenge
Hal Epic Collect the Kremies.​ 50 Tickets.
HAN-S Classic
John Classic
Mary Classic
BURN-E Classic
PR-T Rare ​Beautify obstacles.
SECUR-T Rare ​Catch WALL-E and EVE.
Shelby Fortright Classic Daily Missions
Incinerator Rare ​Get rid of the trash. Complete the 2105 Earth set.
BRL-A Classic Complete the Bots set.
Hoverchair Rare Find while playing as Captain B. McCrea.
Robotic Life Guard Classic Find while playing as Mary.
Garbage Truck Robot Classic Daily Missions
WALL-A Rare Weekend Challenge

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