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    Title: Broken Teams

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    Character Dialogue


    Day 2

    After leaving the South Beach, the teams finally walk back to their respective campsites. Meanwhile on The Superheroes Team...all candidates settle down underneath their shelter, while Frozone stays outside, looking at them.

    Okay...anyone would like to talk about what happened out there ? At the challenges ?
    There is nothing to explain.
    Oh yeah, because I think there is. You didn't listen to us Dash !! You went on your own when building the structure..and that's why we don't have the clue to the H…

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    This is a section of all of the currently available Episodes for CrosSurvivor - Book 1.

    Synopsis: Stranded on an island, 18 Disney characters and candidates will be left there with nothing but themselves.  Divied into 3 teams, they will have to face the numerous physical and mental challenges hosted by the famous Disney presenters, Mickey and Minnie Mouse. They shall be tested, and eliminated. Their only goal is to fight for the respectful title of, "Best Crosser Survivor" and the stunning prize of $100,000. Only one may win, who will the best crosser survivor ? Read now.

    Book Status: INCOMPLETE.

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    Title: Honored Soul

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    Character Dialogue

    The House Of Crossers

    We are the 9 members of The Council, representing the worlds of Zootopia, Mickey Mouse & Friends, Toy Story, Haunted Mansion, The Lion King, Big Hero 6, Tangled, Inside Out, and Wreck-It Ralph. But an intruder from a new dimension, Jafar, has planned to invade our lands, and a battle with him is imminent. One of ours is dead, and one of ours has betrayed us. With the help of a very powerful weapon, an Omega 83, we are the only ones who can travel through our own dimensions. We are the last hope of our galaxy, and in order to protect our lands and our people, we must prepare ourselves and tra…

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    Welcome to the Official Disney Crossy Road - Your Stories page created by Gogobell.

    On this page, you will be able to find tons of different stories reuniting the Disney Crossy Road characters, and worlds. Each story focuses on a theme, from romance, to comedy, or to mystery, all can depend ! Suiting the preferences of all of the users around here, we encourage you to read the chapters and give us your critic so we can make more in the future, and as well improve them.

    • Start with any story you would like.
    • Read all of the Episodes.
    • Give us your critic about it.
    • Have fun :)

    Stories are updated every couple days so stay tuned for more. This was inspired by the Choices app on the mobile devices and the Disney Crossy Road app.

    Enjoy, have fun, and put…

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    Title: The Nomanisan Island

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    Character Dialogue


    Day 1
    Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to CrosSurvivor ! In this adventure, 18 candidates will fight for the respectful title of, "Best Crosser Survivor"..
    ..and the amazing prize of, $100,000. All are known for being wonderful actors, that have played in the most famous Disney movies.
    Divided into 3 teams, they will fight through the most dangerous physical and mental challenges. They will be forced to live off on an island with nothing but a few resources.
    They will have to create their own shelters, and find their own food. Only two ways to leave the competition, through elimination, or abandon.
    Only one will be able to win the grand pri…

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