Disney Crossy Road - The Stories are being rebooted ! The House of Crossers and CrosSurvivor will be back very soon ! Be on the lookout for Belle's Charming Journey, an upcoming story, coming soon in a couple of weeks ! We thank you for your patience. The stories are being tremendously improved, so please refrain the from reading the chapters until an official announcement is made about their release.

This is a section of all of the currently available Episodes for CrosSurvivor - Book 1.

Synopsis: Stranded on an island, 18 Disney characters and candidates will be left there with nothing but themselves.  Divied into 3 teams, they will have to face the numerous physical and mental challenges hosted by the famous Disney presenters, Mickey and Minnie Mouse. They shall be tested, and eliminated. Their only goal is to fight for the respectful title of, "Best Crosser Survivor" and the stunning prize of $100,000. Only one may win, who will the best crosser survivor ? Read now.

Book Status: INCOMPLETE.

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