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Welcome to the Official Disney Crossy Road - Your Stories page created by Gogobell.

How Does It Work ?

On this page, you will be able to find tons of different stories reuniting the Disney Crossy Road characters, and worlds. Each story focuses on a theme, from romance, to comedy, or to mystery, all can depend ! Suiting the preferences of all of the users around here, we encourage you to read the chapters and give us your critic so we can make more in the future, and as well improve them.

  • Start with any story you would like.
  • Read all of the Episodes.
  • Give us your critic about it.
  • Have fun :)

Stories are updated every couple days so stay tuned for more. This was inspired by the Choices app on the mobile devices and the Disney Crossy Road app.

Enjoy, have fun, and put on your glasses. It's time to read !

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