Zootopian Life Bundle-

Carrot Farmer Judy

Officer Nick

Tiger Dancer


Mrs. Otterton

Zootopia News Network Bundle-

Fabienne Growley- Epic

Peter Moosebridge- Rare

David Koalabell- Rare

Michael Tanuyama- Rare

Boi Cha- Rare

Panda Anchor- Rare

Monsters University Bundle-

Squishy- Rare- Leaves a little slime behind

Don- Rare- He sticks to the ground

Teri and Terry- Epic- One's a dance major, one's not

Art- Epic-  Cartwheels all over the place

Dean Hardscrabble- Epic- Spreads her wings

Brock Pearson- Rare- He has a lot of enthusiasm

Classic Alice Bundle-

Classic Alice- Rare- Try to find the White Rabbit

Classic Card Soldier- Rare- Paint the roses red

Classic March Hare- Rare- Balance tea on your head

Classic Tweedledee and Tweedledum- Rare- The other one might get crushed

Classic Mad Hatter- Epic- Fill your hat with tea

Classic Queen of Hearts- Epic- Card soldiers watch her

Classic Cheshire Cat- Epic- Disappear and leave your smile behind

Undersea Originals Bundle-

Seagull- Rare- Gather a flock

Peach- Rare- Lands face down

Nigel- Epic- Seagulls watch him

Moonfish- Epic- Make shapes while idle

Bruce- Epic- Don't eat the fish


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