Even though my draft work is complete, Part 1 will still be saved as "Disney Crossy Road Series Draft" due to the inability to change a blog's title. The official title will be listed below.

(Yes, my titles are going to sound like anime episode titles.)


ACT 1: Enter the Rifts

PART 1: Ohana Means Family! Lilo and Stitch's Brave Defense!

Character Dialogue
--- The mosquitos of the Hawaiian paradise that is the Lilo and Stitch world buzz about in the morning. An elderly woman, Mrs. Hasagawa, is placing a basket of tropical fruits on the counter of her stand. She is in her early business hours. A dark and mysterious figure approaches her. The figure seems to be holding a weapon-like object with a tube on top. The tube contains a slushy-like mixture of black, pink, and pale green. Hasagawa feels the cold of the shadow on her back and turns around to greet him as if he were a customer.
Mrs Hasagawa
Hello, and welcome to- erm, what's it called? Fruit stand! Yes, fruit stand's the word. Welcome to my fruit stand. We're not open at the moment. But, I can get you something if you like-
--- The figure cuts off the old woman, raising his weapon. 
<no image> I'll have to apologize, madam. You're going to have to hold still. 
Mrs Hasagawa
Oh, I'll hold still for you. What did you need- 
--- A switch on the figure's device clicks into place. It fires a plasma-like beam at Mrs. Hasagawa. Only her panicked scream is heard before she disappears from the world. Green fluid the color of the woman's apron is shown in the tube. 
<no image> Pfft. Seemed too easy. She's only got Classic energy. I need some Rare and Epic energy to really make a difference. Like that shirtless man or that green councilwoman. A little doesn't hurt.
--- He picks up Hasagawa's glasses, which fell off after her destruction. His shadowy hand clamps onto the spectacles, crushing them into white cubic bits on the ground. The figure blows some smoke off of his weapon and progresses down the Hawaiian streets. He has the mechanism slung over his shoulder.  The soft jangling of chains attached to his device is interrupted by the barking of dogs from a nearby building. 
<no image> Perfect, it seems like everyone in Lilo and Stitch is lining up. All of those Classic puppies waiting to contribute to my energy stock... 
--- He enters the store. Puppies are barking, seemingly waiting to be adopted. The figure points the plasma weapon at one caged canine. He attempts to flick the switch, but the machine finds itself incapable. 
<no image> Darn, this dog isn't a Classic. It's an NPC figure. No energy whatsoever. Let's try another one.
--- He points the plasma weapon at another puppy, who cowers in fear. The switch, again, refuses to budge. 
<no image> This seems to be wasting my time. But I need all the energy I can get.
--- As he points at a third puppy, the shadowy figure's eyepiece starts to buzz. Still pointing the plasma gun at the dog figurine, he clicks a button to answer the call. He seems annoyed as he picks up.
<no image> What is it?
<also no image> I forgot to tell you this before you left for Lilo and Stitch! The dogs are all NPCs. None of them have energy.
<no image> Thank for telling me after I've tried to shoot two puppies with plasma.
--- He hangs up, disgruntled. As he is about to remove the plasma mechanism from the bars of the puppy's cage, a woman walks in. 
Rescue Lady
Excuse me, sir, but, we have a policy on bringing weapons in here. Animal abuse is a federal crime, you know, and we DO NOT permit it in our store. Please leave the premises immediately and if you plan to adopt, please don't do it just for target practice.
<no image> Oh, I don't want to adopt a puppy. What I want to adopt... is you.
Rescue Lady
Oh, umm I'm single, so I'm game if you are. Sorry if I'm awkward, I'm just not used to all of this.
<no image> I think you'll be quite comfortable in my energy tube.
Rescue Lady
Your what now?
--- The figure flicks the switch, triggering a storm of plasma. The Rescue Lady's high-pitched scream is silenced by her energy entering the tube, showing the reddish-orange of her hair and the blue of her glasses in the mixture.
<no image> Mother of Minecraft! That lowly hopeless-romantic shelter owner has Epic energy on her! If that's the case, I wonder how much the main characters are worth.
--- Meanwhile, Lilo awakens in her house. It is awfully quiet. There is empty space in the bedsheets of her older sister, Nani.
Nani? Where is she? Her work doesn't start for another hour or so. Nani, if this is some kind of prank, I'm not laughing.
--- She continues to search the house. Lilo even searches places where Nani couldn't possibly squeeze into, such as the cabinets under the sink. Giving up on searching for Nani in the house, she prepares to head outside. She slips on her blue sandals and tries to shake awake Stitch, who is asleep in an old and dirty dog bed.
Stitch, wake up! We have to go look for Nani! She's missing!
(in sleep) Mmrmrm... Sleep. Want to sleep.
Thanks for the help, Stitch.
--- Lilo leaves the house, only to find a messy amalgamation of combat against the dark figure. He has managed to fling Pleakley off of his plasma gun and into the air. He is locking in the switch
Agent Wendell Pleakley
Jumba! Tell Lilo and Stitch I love them if you make it out alive.
--- The plasma gun sparks to life. It vaporizes Pleakley, deeply upsetting three versions of Jumba.
Dr Jumba Jookiba
You may have taken Pleakley into your strange experiment jar, but we're not budging easily, right boys? 
Hawaiian Shirt Jumba
Yes, sir!
Prisoner Jumba
Yes, sir!
<no image> Hmm, they're too bulky for the machine to take in. Guess I'll have to break them down?
Hawaiian Shirt Jumba
Break us down?
Dr Jumba Jookiba
Keep it together, Hawaiian Shirt. You're the Epic one in this operation.
<no image> Ahh, the one in the yellow t-shirt has Epic energy on him. It'll all be worth it.
Hawaiian Shirt Jumba
Prisoner Jumba
Original Jumba, you said too much!
Dr Jumba Jookiba
Both of you, calm down. He's not going to break us down! We're going to break him first.
--- The Jumba trio lines up in order of rarity (Prisoner Jumba, Jumba, Hawaiian Shirt Jumba) to prepare for a powerful combined attack. However, this only gives the dark figure a vantage point to jab them all through their stomachs.
Hawaiian Shirt Jumba
I feared this.
--- The Jumbas crumple into their basic bits. The dark figure proceeds to suck up the cubes with his plasma gun as if it were a vacuum cleaner.
If he's able to absorb all of those people, then he must have Nani in there, too! But, if all three Jumbas lost to him, do I even stand a chance?
<no image> Let's see, little girl.
--- The figure's gun is lowered, allowing Lilo to climb onto it and begin punching it.
Give me back my friends, you-
<no image> Quit fighting. You'll only hurt your stubby little five-year-old hands.
--- Like the figure had said, Lilo's arm pixels become a swollen red color. 
Owch, that hurt a lot!
<no image> I warned you, didn't I? Now, get off of my plasma gun!
--- The dark figure shakes the plasma gun, attempting to remove the five-year-old from it. Lilo holds on tightly to one of the weapon's chains. She squeals in fright at a loud volume. This alerts the attention of a figure resembling Stitch. 
It's Super Hero Stitch! He's come to save me!
Super Hero Stitch
Hands off of Lilo! 
<no image> Stitch!
--- Super Hero Stitch suddenly stops in his tracks. 
Super Hero Stitch
Super Hero Stitch, don't listen to him!
<no image> Didn't Nani tell you not to go rustling through her laundry?
--- Super Hero Stitch nods, admitting his mistake.
<no image> Looks like some's been a bad little experiment.
--- Super Hero Stitch is distracted from his goal after being scolded. The figure raises the gun, rattling the chain Lilo is grabbing. He fires plasma, destroying Super Hero Stitch.
<no image> So, Lilo, how does that make you feel?
It makes me feel like wanting to punch you even harder.
<no image> Oh my! Looks like you have attitude issues. Let's put you in time out.
--- The figure grabs Lilo, who is defenseless, by the hair. He points the plasma gun at her.
Goodbye... Everyone...
--- Lilo is shot with the plasma gun, which vaporizes her. Stitch finally wakes up, hearing the noise. He darts out of the house.
Lilo! Stich sorry! Stitch was dreaming!
--- Stitch does not see Lilo anywhere.
Where is Lilo?
<no image> Lilo's right here in the plasma gun. Want to go say "hi"?
Bad person kill Lilo! Bad person must pay! Lilo is Ohana. Ohana means family. You killed Stitch's Ohana!
--- Stitch proceeds to jump ridiculously high, his feral instincts kicking in. He lands on the end of the plasma gun closest to the figure. He punches with all four arms, only to slightly bruise his enemy. The dark figure picks up Stitch and begins squeezing him, causing massive pain. He drops the experiment back onto the gun. Stitch slides onto the shooting end, incapable of keeping himself on the top end.
<no image> Any last wishes, Stitch?
St-Stitch needs to itch. Itchy. Need to scratch.
<no image> Your mosquito bites won't matter when you're in an energy tube, but I'll allow this. No funny business, Stitch.
--- Stitch proceeds to scratch his back, despite his lack of an actual itch. He scratches and scratches until a ukelele falls out and lands a distance away on the ground.
<no image> Are you done, now?
Stitch done. Stitch will accept fate.
<no image> Good boy.
--- Stitch is vaporized by the plasma gun.
<no image> Looks like we're done here.
--- The dark figure leaves the Lilo and Stitch world. The ukelele from Stitch's back fur is still on the ground. It suddenly rattles before a burst of blue energy erupts from it. It forms another Stitch, who proceeds to grab the ukelele he came from. The now vaporized Stitch had summoned Ukelele Stitch.
Ukulele Stitch
Hmmm? Who summoned Stitch?  No one is here.
--- As Ukelele Stitch ponders this question, a rift suddenly opens in the world. A hooded figure enters.
Cloaked Shansa
Oh, no. This world's been decimated, too. But, there seems to be a survivor. Hey! Over here!
Ukulele Stitch
Who are you? Stitch does not know you. How did you get here?
Cloaked Shansa
There's no time to explain, little guy. Come on through this rift, Carina is waiting for us. 

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