I've noticed some minor bugs in the game that have not been patched yet (as far as I know since I do not have the Cars Update yet). I refer to these as "minor bugs", as they are not game-breaking and do not majorly affect the gameplay experience. I will include some old patched glitches of this nature that I would like to note as well (this will also give me a section to put some of the bugs when they are patched). Feel free to share ones that you find.

Shrinking Glitches

Shrinking Jangles

Character(s) Used: Fear, Jangles

The Jangles models that replace cars while playing as Fear will shrink to a smaller size, then back to normal size as they progress. This also occurs while playing as Jangles. Jangles will shrink and grow on each hop. This bug does not occur if Jangles is holding memory orbs.

Shrinking Taffyta

Character(s) Used: Princess Vanellope

When Princess Vanellope approaches her, Taffyta usually curtsies. However, this bug causes Taffyta to not only curtsy but shrink in size and revert back to her old pre-Aladdin Update model. Taffyta will return to normal when Princess Vanellope is farther away. This bug oddly occurs with only Taffyta and does not affect Candlehead or Rancis.

Sound Glitches

Bird Spaceships

Character(s) Used: Any Lilo and Stitch Character

Captain Gantu's Spaceship (or Jumba's Spaceship when playing as Captain Gantu), the out-of-time death for the Lilo and Stitch world, still retains the original eagle sound effect.

Patched Glitches (Not Available)

Missing Memory Orbs

Character(s) Used: Any Inside Out Character

A bug caused memory orbs to become invisible when the player collects them. They could still be redeemed as normal, but the glitch would cause the character to be in their memory orb holding model with no visible orbs in their hands.

Two Robert Callaghans

Character(s) Used: Allistair Krei

When finding Robert Callaghan in the world, Allistair Krei could encounter two Callaghans, often in close proximity to each other.

Too Tall Abigail Callaghan

Character(s) Used: Abigail Callaghan (character select)

Abigail Callaghan's character select model originally covered her Classic tag due to her height and the tag blending in with her white armor.

Weekend Challenge Preview in Character Select

During the Christmas Update, prior to the Wreck-It-Ralph Christmas Weekend Challenge, Elf Vanellope and Santa Ralph could be seen in the character select as locked figurines.

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