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ACT 1: Enter the Rifts

PART 2: Witnesses of the Turmoil! More Worlds Become Victims!

Character Dialogue
--- Last time on The Pixel Chronicles... A shadowy figure suddenly appeared in Lilo and Stitch's Hawaiian paradise. But, it wasn't to soak in the sun's rays. He brought a powerful weapon with him, allowing him to gather energy from figurines, killing them in an instant. After witnessing his 'ohana' crumble, Stitch gives himself up in one risky move, leaving behind a magical ukelele and summoning a new being, Ukelele Stitch. The creature has no time to adjust before a hooded figure suddenly appears! How will these very different figurines interact? Find out now on The Pixel Chronicles.
Cloaked Shansa
You have to come with me! I can help you! Carina and I can help you!
Ukulele Stitch
Who is Carina? Who are you? Stitch is unsure.
Cloaked Shansa
--- The figure covers Ukelele Stitch underneath her cloak and darts through the rift she created. It seals behind her. The two are now flying through a colorful tunnel of light.
Cloaked Shansa
Deep breaths, little guy. This is your first time rift-travelling. It may be scary at first. 
Ukulele Stitch
Cloaked Shansa
Hush, hush. We'll be through soon.
--- The figure squints, prompting Ukelele Stitch to do the same, as they approach a different colored light. She slides into a conference style room, still holding Stitch. There is another figure present, who is serving some form of pixelated treats on a platter. 
Nurse Carina Smyth
Ah, Shansa! You're- 
--- She recognizes Ukelele Stitch in Shansa's arms. The platter drops from her hands, turning it to bits.
Nurse Carina Smyth
Ye gad! I recognize that blue fuzzy critter! That's Stitch- no, Ukelele Stitch! Please tell me the Lilo and Stitch world is okay!
Cloaked Shansa
Carina, if I told you that, that would be a lie.
--- Shansa gently lowers Ukelele Stitch and joins Carina in a moment of silence.
Ukulele Stitch
Stitch is still confused. Stitch does not understand. Want answers! Stitch wants answers!
Nurse Carina Smyth

Poor thing. He's so naive. I'd hate to ruin his innocence by telling him the story, but... here goes.

A few months ago, a mysterious dark figure began seizing our many dimensions, most recently yours, Lilo and Stitch. He is mainly known as Dev. Dev is in possession of a massive superweapon, a plasma gun to be exact. He's been killing everyone we know with this. Dev says he is harvesting their energy. At least, that's what he said right before he destroyed the noble figurines of our world, Pirates of the Carribean. Ghost Captain Salazar. And Jack Sparrow. And Hector Barbossa. And- and- Red Coat Henry Turner...  

--- Carina begins to cry into her hands.
Cloaked Shansa
Now, now, Carina. I know that getting over the loss of all three Henry Turners is hard. But, there are bigger fish to fry.
Ukulele Stitch
Stitch loves fried fish! Especially big ones! But, Stitch does still not know who you strangers are.
Nurse Carina Smyth

Oh! How could we completely skip over this important detail? I guess we'll have to make our introduction now. I am Nurse Carina Smyth, the last surviving of the three Carina Smyth figurines. You may simply call me Carina. This is the second surviving figurine, Cloaked Shansa.

Cloaked Shansa
He can just call me Shansa.
--- The three figurines seat themselves in the conference chairs. Ukelele Stitch stands on the chair and sets his instrument on the table.
Ukulele Stitch
Stitch started wondering. Why are you Cloaked Shansa? Who is just Shansa? Are you just Shansa?
Cloaked Shansa
Nurse Carina Smyth
She doesn't like to talk about it much. Her standard Rare self, Shansa without the cloak, was killed in the Dev attack. 
Ukulele Stitch
Oh. Stitch is sorry for Shansa's loss of herself. 
Cloaked Shansa
Yeah... Let's talk about something else. Mainly, how are we going to save all of these worlds from mass destruction-
--- Shansa is interrupted by a massive boom. It startles everyone in the room. Shansa's cloak flies over her. Carina's headwrap somewhat comes unraveled. Ukelele Stitch instinctively grabs his ukelele. 
Cloaked Shansa
Flipping flotsam! What was that?
--- Shansa darts out of her seat and looks out of one of the massive glass windows of the conference room. Reddish smoke rises from a green planet. One of the notable lime green trees of cubes falls apart as a dark figure zooms away from in a flash of light.
Cloaked Shansa
No. No no no. N-no no.
Nurse Carina Smyth
Shansa, what's wrong?
--- Carina sees the wreckage outside of the window.
Nurse Carina Smyth
Am I really seeing the carnage of Mickey Mouse and Friends or am I having a terrible nightmare?
Ukulele Stitch
What's the matter with Mickey Mouse and Friends?
Cloaked Shansa
(gulp) Well, you know how Dev is collecting figure energy? The energy is much stronger depending on how high the rarity of the figure is. Mickey Mouse and Friends has DIAMOND figurines! If he nabs at least one of them, he'll be unstoppable! We'll be doomed! 
Nurse Carina Smyth
Let's just hope that Dev missed Debonair Mickey and Elegant Minnie! Let's think happy thoughts. Happy thoughts, Carina. Happy thoughts. Is anyone else seeing the conference room spinning?

Carina passes out.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the Mickey Mouse and Friends, a figurine is cowering.

Elegant Minnie (breathing heavy) I-Is he gone? Let's hope he's gone.
--- Elegant Minnie gets to her feet and sweeps pixelated dirt off of her satin gown. She is suddenly struck by a realization.
Elegant Minnie W-where's Debonair?
--- She darts around rather quickly for being in heeled shoes. 
Elegant Minnie Oh man. Please tell me he didn't get nabbed. He can't be dead. Please don't be dead, Debonair.
--- Elegant Minnie suddenly sees a black mouse figurine, passed out in some bushes.
Elegant Minnie That's Debonair!
--- She begins shaking Debonair Mickey to wake him up.
Elegant Minnie Debonair, wake up! 
--- Debonair Mickey awakens.
Debonair Mickey Ugh, Minnie. What happened?
Elegant Minnie W-we survived. This man came for our figurine energy. I thought we'd be heavy targets because we're Diamond figurines. We'd better stay low-
--- Debonair puts his hand on Elegant Minnie's shoulder, stopping her short.
Debonair Mickey Minnie. You'd best stay low. I won't be joining you, because I have a plan.
Elegant Minnie Debonair, you wouldn't!
--- What is Debonair Mickey planning? Will this action protect the dimensions from Dev or expose them to certain chaos? Find out in the next part of the Pixel Chronicles!

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