I came up with some ideas for possible weekend challenges. Some of these were inspired by characters that were previously discovered in the code.

Lilo and Stitch Challenges

Challenge Idea #1 (Leroy and Stitch)

Midpoint Character: Angel

Enchanted Character: Leroy

The Incredibles Challenges

Challenge Idea #1

Midpoint Character: Elastigirl

Enchanted Character: Glory Days Mr. Incredible

Challenge Idea #2

Midpoint Character: Out-of-Suit Dash

Enchanted Character: Out-of-Suit Violet

Moana Challenges

Challenge Idea #1

Midpoint Character: Heart of Te Fiti

Enchanted Character: Te Ka

Challenge Idea #2

Midpoint Character: Chief Moana/Grass Headdress Moana

Enchanted Character: The Ocean

Zootopia Challenge

Challenge Idea #1

Midpoint Character: Officer Nick Wilde

Enchanted Character: Meter Maid Judy Hopps

Mickey Mouse and Friends Challenges

Challenge Idea #1

Midpoint Character: Steamboat Mickey

Enchanted Character: Oswald

Challenge Idea #2

Midpoint Character: Fantasia Broom

Enchanted Character: Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey

Inside Out Challenges

Challenge Idea #1

Midpoint Character: Idea Bulb

Enchanted Character: Bing Bong's Rocket

Tangled Challenges

Challenge Idea #1 (Before Ever After)

Midpoint Character: Cassandra

Enchanted: Princess Rapunzel

Former Challenge Ideas

These ideas either had their figures released elsewhere or have been correct predictions (Option 2 is less likely).

Inside Out Idea (Figures were released elsewhere):

Midpoint Character: Mom's Joy (Bundle/Ticket Machine)

Enchanted Character: Mom's Sadness (Bundle/Ticket Machine)

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