Main Environment: Scotland Wilderness

8-Bit Theme: Touch the Sky

Gimmick: Collect wisps for additional points



Lord MacGuffin

Lord Macintosh

Lord Dingwall


The Crow


Merida (Shoot at some targets)

Queen Elinor (Walks very queen-like)

Castle Guard (Stands stiff when he's not hopping)

The Triplets (Take turns hopping)


The Witch (Stirs her potions in cauldrons)

King Ferguson (Shows off his might)

Angus (Sits to see the surroundings)

Bear Elinor (Claws obstacles )


Royal Dog- Rare (Sniff out pastries)- Daily Missions

Scone- Classic- Pick up 25 pastries with the Royal Dog

Bear Triplets- Rare (Scare the innocent women)- Find 3 potion-infected scones with The Triplets


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