I came up with an idea for The Princess and the Frog as a world. It's one of my favorite movies and it came on Disney Channel recently, so... yeah.

Main Environment: The Bayou

8-Bit Theme: 

New Orleans

Dig a Little Deeper (When playing as Mama Odie)

Gimmick: TBA





Prince Naveen

Big Daddy

The Fenner Brothers


Frog Naveen (Strums a twig guitar)

Frog Tiana (Gather mushrooms)

Juju (Slither instead of hopping)

Stella (Eat snacks along the way)

Lawrence (Disguise yourself as a prince)


Louis (Plays his horn and dances)

Ray (Light the dark path)

Mama Odie (Zap obstacles with your staff)

Dr. Facilier (He has friends on the other side)


Grandma Firefly- Classic- Find her with Ray

Shadow Facilier- Rare- Creep around in the darkness- Find the Other Side gateway with Dr. Facilier

Gumbo Pot- Classic- Gather 50 mushrooms with Frog Tiana

Child Tiana- Classic- Get six Daily Mission stamps

Child Lottie- Classic- Find her with Child Tiana

White Kitten- Rare- Quiver in fear around the children- Grab the cat with both Child Tiana and Child Lottie

Reggie- Rare- Shoot your pop gun- Complete the Down the Bayou set

Mardi Gras Costume Tiana- Classic- Complete the New Orleans set 

Weekend Challenges:

Challenge 1:

Rare: Two-Fingers

Enchanted: Darnell

Challenge 2:

Rare: Bayou Tuxedo Naveen

Enchanted: Bayou Dress Tiana

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