I came up with an idea for an "Up" world in Disney Crossy Road a while back and I decided to post it as a blog on the wiki. (Note: World is work in progress)

Main Environment: Paradise Falls

8-Bit Theme: Up Main Theme



Construction Worker



Kid Carl

Kid Ellie


Carl (Tennis balls pop of off his cane)

Russell (Looks at his GPS)

Dug (Sits and sticks out his tongue)

Foreman Tom (Instruct workers with your megaphone)


Alpha (His collar squeaks a bit)

Kevin (She likes chocolate)


Charles Muntz- Complete the "Adventure is Out There!" Set (Carl, Russell, Dug, Kevin)

Pilot Dog- Complete the "Muntz's Dogs" Set (Beta, Gamma, Dug, Alpha)

Cone of Shame Dug- Complete Daily Missions- Rare (Does not like the cone of shame)

Peachicks- Collect 50 chocolate pieces with Kevin- Rare (A chain of three chicks)

Balloon Bunch- Find the balloons with Kid Carl

Adult Carl- Complete Daily Missions

Adult Ellie- Find her with Adult Carl- Rare (The Sun's in her eyes)

Old Ellie- Hop 100 hops with Adult Ellie- Rare (Often stumbles)

Weekend Challenge:

  • Part 1 - 100 Coins
  • Part 2 - Rare Figure: Absalon (Spills juice everywhere)
  • Part 3 - 250 Pixel Coins
  • Part 4 - Enchanted Figure: Bird Skeleton (The ground rumbles)

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